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What You Need to Know About Your Komodo Cruise Trip 

What You Need to Know About Your Komodo Cruise Trip

When taking a holiday, it is important that you prepare for it in advance. Carry out intensive research on what you need to carry and what to expect when you finally get to your holiday location. The Komodo cruise is no different.

Here we are going to make it easy for you to carry out your research on the Komodo cruise. You will find out what you need to know before you come for the trip and also what you need to pack as you embark on the Komodo cruise.

Here are some tips.

Carry your swimming costumes

The Komodo cruise is one holiday trip that will help you explore the Indian Ocean. As such, it is important that you carry your swimming costume.

During the cruise, you will get an opportunity to dive into the depths of the ocean. You will need your swimming costume for this. Also, on the boat, you will wear it for most of the day as you will be on the waters for a long period of time and you can always dive into the ocean when you can’t resist its pull.

Carry quick to dry clothes

For the cruise, it is important that you carry your own clothes that are quick to dry. Cruising in the ocean means that you are in a humid area. Also, you are surrounded by water and from time to time, you will get wet.

It is important that you carry clothes that are quick drying. This ensures that you do not get hypothermia when you are on a fun holiday. Also, it ensures that you do not run out of clothes while you are having fun in the oceans.

Book your trip while in the country (Indonesia)

For most holidays and cruises, it is easier to book for the Komodo cruise while you are in the country. While in the country also, there are lots of people who are selling the same cruise.

When you book while in Indonesia and ready for the cruise, you can get a great bargain on the price of the cruise. Also, you have the opportunity to negotiate on the price you first receive while paying for the cruise.

Carry comfortable walking shoes

While on the Komodo cruise, you will not spend all your waking time in the ocean. You will get opportunities to get out of the boat and spend time on land. You will get an opportunity to visit the Komodo National Park. Here you will interact with the endangered Komodo dragon.

Further, you will hike an island. Pada island is a hilly island that gives you the opportunity to hike to the top and have a beautiful view of the numerous islands around the ocean.

Comfortable shoes will be required for your Komodo cruise. You will need them for your hike, which will take about 30 to 40 minutes. You will also need them to walk around the Komodo National Park.

Carry Sunscreen

For the Komodo cruise, it is important that you carry enough sunscreen. The Indian Ocean is quite hot and humid. Also, as you bask in the sun, you will need enough sunscreen to protect your skin from the direct rays of the sun on your skin.

Carry cash

On your Komodo cruise, it is important that you have enough cash on you. First off, you will need the cash to pay your entrance fees into the animal parks which is often not part of the cruise price.

Also, you will also need the cash to lease some swimming gear and even pay for a certificate to become a certified deeper.


Prior proper preparation is the best way to enjoy your Komodo cruise. When you know what you need prior to the trip, you will enjoy the cruise better. Ensure that you have an itinerary for the places you will be visiting and carry all that you require for that day.

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