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Going on a road trip? 4 things you should plan and organize 

Going on a road trip? 4 things you should plan and organize
Road trip

If you are going on a road trip, there are lots of things that need to be pre-planned and carefully considered. You can, of course, just throw everything in the back of your car and set off, but if you spend a bit of time organizing, it is more likely to be a success. Here are 4 things you should plan and organize when going on a road trip.  

Pack like a pro

If like millions of others, you don’t like packing, you might be tempted to decant most of your closet into suitcases and be done with it. Although that might save a bit of time now, it won’t do you any favors during your trip or when you get home and have to launder it all.  

Based on how long your trip is, figure out how many outfits you will need. It’s also worth considering whether there will be washing facilities available during your stay and how likely you will be to use them. Weather is also something to take account of when packing. There is little point in packing loads of shorts and tees if the places you will be visiting are likely to be cooler and the weather most suited for jeans and sweaters.

Another great idea is to use zippered pouches to separate the contents of your case. A pouch for underwear and another for vests or shoes makes it far quicker to find things and far easier to pack. If you have small children, you can pack a full outfit in each pouch which will eliminate the need to figure out what they are going to wear once you get there.

Your vehicle of choice

Probably the most essential component of a road trip – the vehicle. If it isn’t reliable, then it could ruin your whole trip. It’s a good idea to check over your vehicle a few weeks before you go. Inspect your tire treads and make sure your oil is at an appropriate level. If your car hasn’t been serviced for quite some time, it might be worth having one done, so you know there will be no hidden surprises in store.  

It’s also worth considering how much trunk space you need for your belongings. Your car may be more than adequate for day to day living, but a road trip is a different ball game entirely.

Snacks and rest breaks

As you will be spending so much on the road, there are many things you will need during your journey. Although snacks and drinks can be purchased en-route, you won’t want to be stopping every two minutes, so it’s a good idea to take them with you. Stick with foods that won’t make too much mess and, if you are in a hot climate, don’t take anything which is likely to melt – a messy car interior on a road trip isn’t an ideal combination. 

Driving long distances can be very tiring, so it’s wise to pre-plan where and when you will have a break. According to specialist law firm Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC, fatigued driving is one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents in West Virginia. The same is probably true for most states, so you must take time out of your journey regularly to rest and let your body recuperate. If more than two drivers are going on your trip, discuss and agree on a shared driving arrangement so that one person isn’t being burdened with the whole route. 

Entertainment on the go

If you are traveling with young children, take some in-car entertainment with you. Car journeys can be a bit boring for kids, but if you plan some fun things beforehand, it will make it easier for everyone. There are loads of games you can play in the car which will keep your kids entertained for hours, many of which the whole family can take part in. 

You might want some peace for a few hours during your journey too, so if you don’t already have one, consider buying a portable DVD player. They can be easily fitted to the back of your front seats and will keep your children occupied for a few hours. If your kids have tablets, download some movies on those or install a few games for them to play. Keeping them occupied will give you some well deserved time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

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