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5 Terrific Reasons for Living in Morocco 

5 Terrific Reasons for Living in Morocco

Did you know that Morocco, a small country on the coast of northwest Africa, is about the same size as the state of California?

Much like California, Morocco has a diverse culture, wonderful climate, and diverse foods and people.

If you are looking for a new place to live abroad, there are many reasons to consider Morocco. 

Continue reading if you want to learn about some of the largest benefits of living in Morocco so that you can find your dream home! 

1. Beautiful Views 

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy living in Morocco is the beautiful views.

The cities are filled with impressive architecture and calming colors that will make you feel like you are in another world. There are so many colors in the city that when you go to explore the Sahara, you will appreciate the shades of sand and beige on the horizon. 

If you enjoy watching the tides roll in, one of the best places in Morocco is on the coastline, where the towns are surrounded by beaches. 

2. Affordable Cost of Living 

Most people in Morocco can live comfortably with an average salary and sometimes minimum wage. 

When you start searching for apartments for sale, you will find options within and out of the major cities. Living in the city is recommended for people unfamiliar with the culture. The cities are popular destinations for tourists and more accommodations can be made.

The food, homes, and taxes are reasonable for this area and you can make your money go a bit further here than in the US. 

3. Diverse Culture & Food 

Since Morocco is a common destination for celebrating traditions and religions, there are a few cultures that make up the country.

Arabic people, Jewish and African cultures flood the streets of Morocco and have brought delicious foods to the land. There are also a lot of people from the Berber culture, but the language is typically Arabic. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new when you pack up and move to explore new cultures. 

4. Fun Night Life 

Clubbing is a lot of fun in Morocco, which can make it a great home for young adults or people looking for some excitement. 

Most of the bars and clubs play modern and European music with an influence on the Arabic culture. You can find clubs on the beaches or in the heart of the biggest cities. You can make new friends and unforgettable memories within a short time of living in Morocco.

5. Landscape & Climate 

If you are thinking about moving to Morocco, you will get excited if you enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Morocco covers a vast area of land. It has mountains, beaches, and deserts that will take your breath away. Although you can get a little bit of each type of climate, you won’t have to worry about really cold winters since they are mild. Make sure you are prepared for the wet and rainy season when you move to Morocco, which lasts from November to March. 

Is Living in Morocco Right for You? 

If you are thinking about moving and living in Morocco, you will want to make sure it will support your lifestyle. 

Fortunately, Morocco is a very diverse country that has many different landscapes to explore. If you and your family enjoy going on adventures and seeing cultures, this is a wonderful place to move to. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how to plan a move and some of the best places to relocate to! 

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