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The 9 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in America 

The 9 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in America
The 9 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in America

Having a hard time finding high-quality, pet friendly hotels? We’ve found the best pet friendly hotels America for you

You have to go out of town on business but you can’t find anyone to watch your fur baby. You can’t leave them home alone for obvious reasons but you can’t skip out on this trip either. What if we told you that you could take them with you?

While bringing your dog along may limit your hotel choices a little bit there are more pet-friendly hotels around than you think. To help you finish up your travel plans here are a few of the best pet-friendly hotels that won’t only allow your pet to stay but will treat them like the princess or prince that they are.

1. Kimpton 

Many of the hotels on this list will allow your pet to stay but you’ll have to pay a pet fee. The Kimpton isn’t one of these hotels. Your pet will be welcomed with open arms by a Director of Pet Relations for no extra fee.

This isn’t the end of the perks. They will include water, food, lists of pet-friendly establishments in the area, door hangers that will let the staff know about your pet, doggie bags, and even a plush bed for your dog to sleep in. The best part is that the Kimpton accepts all pets from the furry to the scaly. 

2. Best Western 

Best Western allows your dog to room with you with some not so stringent conditions. First of all, you have to pay 20 dollars a night, and second, you have to do a 50 dollar deposit that’s 100% refundable. 

Western allows up to two dogs and they both must be 80 lb or less. You’ll need to call ahead of time because not all of their hotels are pet-friendly but since over 1,600 of them are, your chances are good. 

3. Red Roof Inn 

Like Best Western, not all the Red Roof Inn hotels are pet-friendly but about 500 of them are so you’ll have to call ahead of time and check. If the one in the area where you will be staying takes pets then you’ll receive a few bonuses. 

For one, there are no pet fees and for two, you can actually get a discount for staying there if you’re traveling with a pet. The only restriction is that the pet has to be 80 lb or less and they have to be on a leash when they are outside of your room.

4. Westin Hotels and Resorts

At the Westin, your dog will be treated like the princess or prince that they are. You’ll be given a fluffy custom dog bed, ID tags, a welcome kit, information about pet-friendly places in the area, and food bowls. As far as pet fee goes, it varies by location so you’ll have to ask about it when you call to book. 

The only real requirement for bringing your dog is that they have to weigh no more than 40 pounds. Management staff may make an exception if you call ahead of time though. 

5. Nikko Hotel 

The Nikko hotel has an entire floor dedicated to dogs called its VIP (Very Important Pet) floor. Your dog will be supplied with bowls, a bed, a doggie bag with toys and treats, pet placemats, and dog waste bags. If your dog is the hyperactive type, there is a green rooftop area where they can run off all that energy. 

The fee is going to be 50 dollars a day however, you can shave ten bucks off that by booking ahead of time. If need be, you may also be charged a cleaning fee. 

6. Four Seasons

At the Four Seasons, your dog will be able to enjoy as many amenities as you do. There is a little doggie spa, there will be someone available to walk them while you’re out doing your own business, and they will be provided with treats. 

The best part about you bringing your pooch here is that there is no pet fee. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the weight requirements vary by location. You’ll need to call ahead of time to make sure your dog can stay with you. 

7. La Quinta 

La Quinta allows two pets to stay with you at a time. You’ll need to inform the front desk ahead of time because you will have a pet agreement that you’ll have to fill out. It states that if your dog starts being loud, destructive, or rude towards guests they reserve the right to tell you to find another hotel. 

There are no pet fees but you may have to pay a cleaning fee if your dog tears something up. 

8. Loews Hotels and Resorts 

The Loews hotel goes out of their way to treat your pet like they would treat you. They’ll receive tons of pet accessories. If you have a cat they’ll provide you with a litterbox so you won’t have to worry about cleaning and packing the one they have at home. 

They’ll even be able to get pet room service and have gourmet, pet approved food brought to them. How cute is that?

Despite the fact that the food is vet approved some pets have a more sensitive stomach than others. You may want to bring along their pet insurance for pre-existing conditions paperwork in case you need to take them to a vet during your stay.

Loews also has a nice pet program. You’ll be given maps with doggie walk routes, pet-friendly restaurant suggestions, and pet sitting services so your pet will still have supervision when you’re out and about.  

9. Motel 6

Motel 6 will allow well-behaved pets and of course service ones. There are no fees that you’ll have to worry about and you’ll be able to bring two pets.

You’ll want to call ahead of time and ask about bringing your furry friend. Some of the locations only allow service pets and some have size and breed restrictions.  

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Across America! 

If you can’t find a pet sitter and also can’t skip out on your trip, you’ll have to find a way to bring your fur baby along with you. While you can get a pet kennel they may be more expensive than finding a hotel. We hope that you’re able to use this guide to the best pet-friendly hotels to find accommodations for you and your best friend. 

Need to take your pet on a plane with you? That’s all well and good but there are some breeds that handle flying better than others. Check out US air regulations before picking up your tickets. 

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