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The Top Winter Hunting Tips for Venturing Out Into the Cold 

The Top Winter Hunting Tips for Venturing Out Into the Cold
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Are you getting ready to head out on a hunting trip sometime soon? Every year, there are about 14 million people who set out to hunt all throughout the country.

Some of them are lucky enough to go hunting in areas where it doesn’t get that cold during hunting season. But the vast majority of those who hunt spend at least a day or two hunting in the freezing cold when they’re trying to track down deer and other game.

If your hunting adventures are going to take you to a colder climate, there are winter hunting tips you should keep in mind at all times. These tips will make it easier for you to hunt in even the harshest wintry conditions.

Check out some of the tips that you should put to the test this winter when you take a hunting trip.

Make Sure You Fuel Up Before Hunting in the Wintertime

Prior to heading out for a hunt in the wintertime, it’s important for you to load up on the right foods so that you keep your energy levels high. The more energy you have while you hunt, the warmer you’ll be.

Assuming you’re going out early in the morning to hunt, you should start your day off by eating a big bowl of oatmeal. It’ll provide your body with the complex carbohydrates you need to maintain high energy levels.

Pack a few peanut butter sandwiches in your hunting pack to eat at lunchtime, too. Peanut butter is another food that will set your body up with the complex carbs it needs.

And when you’re done hunting at the end of a long day, something like pasta is an excellent choice for dinner. It’ll top off your complex carbohydrate supply and help your body to warm up quicker than it would otherwise.

Wear the Right Winter Hunting Gear (and Dress in Layers!)

In addition to eating the right foods prior to and while hunting, you should also make sure that you wear the right winter hunting gear on a hunt. The last thing you want to do is head out on a hunt without enough clothing on and pay the price for doing it.

You should wear everything from longjohns and jeans to flannel shirts and heavy jackets to hats and gloves when you’re hunting. Whenever possible, it’s always best to dress in layers so that none of your skin is exposed to the cold air outside.

It’s better to wear too many clothes while hunting and have to take some off as opposed to not wearing enough and being out of luck out in the woods.

You can always remove a jacket if the weather is milder than you expected. But you can’t pull a jacket out of thin air if you leave yours at home and get cold.

You should also finish off any look with the right pair of hunting boots and a nice, thick pair of socks. They’ll keep your feet nice and toasty and ensure they’re comfortable when you’re walking around all day.

Avoid Sweating on Your Way Out to Hunt

It’s obviously very important to bundle up when you’re going on a hunting trip. Of all the winter hunting tips listed here, it’s probably the most important.

But there is one thing you need to be careful about. You don’t want to bundle up too much and then jump into a warm truck to head out to hunt and sweat on the way there.

Your sweat will start to make all of your different layers wet before long. This will cause you all kinds of issues when you’re hunting since your wet clothing will make you feel even colder than usual.

Your sweat could also cause you to inadvertently scare off whatever it is that you’re hunting. Many animals have an amazing sense of smell and might be able to pick up on your presence thanks to your sweat and the body odor it sometimes produces.

It’s why you should wait until you’re literally walking out to hunt to throw on your heaviest layers. It’ll stop you from sweating all over the place.

Use Disposable Hand Warmers to Your Advantage While Hunting

When you bring disposable hand warmers along for a hunting trip, they’ll work to keep your hands warm. But you can also use them in a number of other ways.

Many hunters stick disposable hand warmers into the inside pockets of their jackets. This helps to heat up their core and keep them warmer.

It never hurts to have a few extra disposable hand warmers in your hunting pack. You never know when you’ll have to use them to heat yourself up while hunting.

Provide Yourself With a Warm Place to Return When Hunting Is Over

Once you’re all finished hunting for the day, it’s essential for you to have somewhere warm to go. No matter how much you bundle up, you’re going to feel a little colder than normal for the first few hours after your hunt.

Some hunters like to head home and build a raging fire to warm their bodies back up. Others crank the heat in their homes ahead of time so that it’s all ready for when they get back.

This service can help you keep the heat turned up so that you have somewhere to go to escape the cold after a hunt. You can sit and talk about how your day went while heating up in the process.

Stay Warm While You Hunt With These Winter Hunting Tips

The cold temperatures outside can ruin a hunting trip if you let them. They can force you to head home earlier than you planned to.

Use the winter hunting tips found here to prevent the cold from slowing you down. You can heat your entire body up by eating the right foods and wearing the right clothes while you hunt. You can also end your day on a high note by returning to a warm home at night.

Read our blog for more articles on keeping your home warmer this winter, regardless of whether you like hunting or not.

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