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Do You Need an Instagram Marketing Service to Make It? 

Do You Need an Instagram Marketing Service to Make It?
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1 billion people use Instagram every month. This is a stat that only gives insight into why advertising on this social media platform is a good idea. 

You may have never considered an Instagram marketing service, but there are a whole lot of reasons why you should consider it beyond just a lot of people using the service. 

If you’re unsure if you might need an Instagram service to make your business work, then consider all the benefits that Instagram ads provide for businesses. 

Why An Instagram Marketing Service is Absolutely Worth It

Besides looking at the sheer numbers of users on Instagram, you should also know that Instagram gives you the option to target your ideal customers. 

Since being bought out by Facebook’s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, Instagram now has the capabilities to target specific groups. Similar to Facebook, Instagram gives your business the option to target people based on their interests, age, and behavior. 

In addition, you can also retarget your ideal customer. If someone who is interested in your product clicks on your ad but decides not to purchase, you can retarget them with your ads. 

Beyond the advanced targeting, you should also consider taking advantage of Instagram’s content and how they display it to users. 

How to Take Advantage of Instagram’s Algorithm

Beyond just advertising, you can also post content for your business on Instagram. And you can take advantage of Instagram’s content algorithm to get more followers. 

The algorithm is based on 3 parts: relationships, recency, and engagement

For example, you should actively engage in other posts and respond to comments on your posts. That’s the relationship part. 

Recency simply means that people are more likely to see a post from 5 minutes ago rather than something 10 hours ago.

The engagement part means that posts with more engagement, which are likes and comments, will be seen on user’s feed more. 

When you tie in each of these, you get more followers, which can promote your business. 

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Why Instagram is Critical to Your Business Success

It’s easy to ignore the social media platforms, especially Instagram, and say you are going to do business the old-fashioned way by turning on your open sign and letting people see your business. 

Yet, there are so many more opportunities to grow and expand your business.,. There are opportunities to use Instagram to adapt your business and reach people beyond your location. 

It’s an opportunity to show people what your business does with content and to sell your products with advertisements. As a business, Taking advantage of Instagram and it’s many business tools is a brilliant plan, and it’s why you should have an Instagram marketing service. 

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