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Packing While You’re Packing Moves: What to Bring to a Music Festival 

Packing While You’re Packing Moves: What to Bring to a Music Festival

If you’re going to your first music festival, you need a lot of things (like water). Learn what to bring to a music festival in this guide.

Summer is almost here! And summer means music festivals!

That’s right, as the weather warms up it’s time to start making plans to attend your favorite music festivals across the country. This is a great chance to see some of the top bands around and to jam out to new and classic tunes.

But as you make plans and book flights, you’ll also need to give some thought toward what to bring to a music festival. After all, you’ll be spending days out in the sun and the elements, and so you’ll need to be prepared.

In this article, we take a look at some things to include on a festival packing list in order to ensure that you have the best experience possible. So keep reading to learn what to put in your bag before heading out for the music experience of a lifetime.

Plenty of Drinking Water

Being outside all day in the sun and heat can dehydrate you in a heartbeat. Even if you’ve got a few beers in you, that won’t help with hydration. In fact, alcohol will only make things worse. The key is to drink water consistently throughout the day so you can prevent overdoing it and passing out.

Some outdoor festivals allow you to bring outside water, and some don’t. So prepare accordingly. When it comes to quantity, a good rule of thumb is about one gallon per person per day. That might sound like a lot, but you’d be surprised how much you’ll sweat baking in the sun hour after hour.

Good Comfortable Shoes

Keep in mind that you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet. So comfortable walking shoes are important. You’ll be standing, walking around, and dancing. So if your sneakers aren’t super comfortable, you’ll start feeling it pretty quickly.


Remember we mentioned you’ll be out in the sun? Well, you’d better be prepared to protect your skin. After all, it doesn’t take long to get sunburned. Especially outdoors without shelter from the direct sunlight. You can go from pale to pink to lobster within a few short hours. So take along some sunscreen with plenty of SPF to keep from cooking.

A Smartphone Charging Case

Festivals are typically held out in fields so you won’t have access to power. Thus your smartphone battery is going to lose juice quickly. And if you’re the type who likes to post fun picks to Instagram and Twitter every ten minutes, you’ll quickly wind up with a dead phone.

That’s why you need to plan ahead and bring a charging phone case. This allows you to keep your cell charged up while you dance to your favorite jam band. A charging case is better than an external battery and you won’t have to worry about missing important texts while you’re having fun.

A Solar Shower

Here’s a truth bomb for you: When you spend days outside dancing and sweating, you’re going to start smelling a little funky. So taking the time for a quick shower certainly wouldn’t hurt. 

A solar shower is a great way to rinse off after a long day in the sun. It’s easy to use, stows easily inside any bag, and you’ll be glad you have it when you start feeling grimy on a muggy summer day. 

First Aid Kit

An outdoor music festival is an unfortunate place to get hurt, but it happens. So you best be prepared. 

After all, there are plenty of ways to get cuts and scrapes, sunburn, or get stuck in your eyes, etc. Packing along a first aid kit is really a no-brainer. You might not need it, but if you do it’ll be the best ten dollars you ever spent.

Collapsible Camping Chairs

You’re going to be spending long days outside in the sun. Eventually, you’re going to want to sit down. Thus we’d strongly suggest bringing collapsable chairs to make it easier to chill and relax during the long hours of music. Giving your feet a break will make a multi-day festival much more enjoyable.

A Tent

You’re going to need to sleep somewhere. And not every festival offers nearby lodging. So you might end up having to camp right there on the festival grounds. 

This is actually a great option because you won’t have to waste time driving, you get to know your neighbors, and spend more time listening to music rather than crawling through traffic.

An Air Mattress

If you’re an experienced camper, then you’ll understand the value of having a good air mattress for sleeping in your tent. After all, the ground wasn’t designed for comfort. Thus investing a few bucks in a mattress will help prevent having a stiff back the next day after a long, uncomfortable night. 

When prepping for a music festival, don’t forget to pack along some EDC gear so you’ll be ready for anything.

Bring Plenty of Snacks

Again, every festival has different rules. Some will let you bring snacks, but some want you to spend money on food at the event. If possible, pack some healthy snacks that will give you plenty of energy for dancing and socializing.

A Waterproof Bag

If you’re lucky, it won’t rain during the festival. Rather than throwing caution to the wind, we suggest bringing along a waterproof dry bag for storing stuff like your smartphone, camera, snacks, first aid kit, and anything else that you’d prefer to keep dry.

An Ice Cooler

While you’re out in the heat, your snacks and water will get hot. Thus you need to keep as much stuff on ice as possible. You don’t have to invest in a huge cooler, but a cooler filled with ice will make all the difference when the sun is beating down. And it will be a luxury to be able to reach in for a cold drink any time you want.

The Ultimate List of What to Bring to a Music Festival

When making a list of what to bring to a music festival, this article is the perfect place to start. Festivals a great way to spend the summer months, but being prepared with the right supplies will take your festival experience to the next level.

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