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7 Winter Destinations for Loving Couples 

7 Winter Destinations for Loving Couples

Not enthusiastic about spending a few months in the dull cold city? We have prepared seven winter retreat spots to every taste: from those that beam with majestic Christmas atmosphere to classic warm countries with golden sands. Even if you are currently in your first relationship, it is always a good idea to go for a holiday together not only to check your compatibility but explore the world.

· The Maldives

Every year, lovers from all over the globe seek to come here. Many international flights arrive in the smallest capital of the world, Mali, which surprises visitors with modern skyscrapers and developed highways. Next, guests travel around the archipelago of more than a thousand islands.

Each coral island is a real little paradise and a unique example of human life in complete harmony with nature. The bungalows located on all the numerous islands do not violate nature but gently complement it. The atmosphere of unity with the world and romance soars everywhere and attracts millions of vacationers like a magnet. Each atoll is individual and interesting in its own way.

· Bali

Bali is a romantic and mysterious island. Both lovers of a quiet and secluded vacation and those who prefer noisy and fun all-night-long parties and respect the big waves of the ocean can safely fly here.

It is believed that if the newlyweds spend their honeymoon in Bali, then they will live their whole lives in love and harmony. An amazing island is considered to be a real pearl of Indonesia, and the holiday spent there will never be forgotten.

· Goa

Many places in Goa can be recommended for an unforgettable romantic trip. If you want to spend your holidays more solitary and enjoy pristine wild beaches, then you need to go to the north of Goa.

If you are lovers of comfortable relaxation and white sand beaches, then immediately go to the south of the state. There, you will definitely find everything you need for an unforgettable weekend for two.

For example, Cavelossima is one of those places located in the south of the state. The picturesque town immersed in emerald greenery is famous for its comfortable villas and hotels. High service, cuisine, and wonderful places will make your stay unforgettable and delightful.

· Mauritius

An island, visiting which you will definitely be satisfied. Previously, this glorious and very exotic island was accessible only to people with good material incomes and was considered almost a luxury, but now many can afford to relax there. To make your trip memorable for a long time, you can engage in fishing, excursions to the botanical garden, and a crocodile farm or go on a safari or to an extinct volcano. Well, of course, you will be delighted with the beauty that will surround you everywhere.

· Hawaii

A comfortable, warm climate allows you to relax on the islands at any time of the year. Even in the winter months, the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees. Fantastic landscapes amaze the imagination of all visiting the island for the first time. Active and extinct volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls, and unique canyons will add color and uniqueness to your trip.

If the beloved is not diving enthusiasts, then, all the same, they must definitely decide and plunge with the instructor into the abyss of the ocean. The underwater world of Hawaii amazes even experienced divers. The frozen centuries-old lava created long labyrinths, magnificent arches, and caves underwater. The rich animal

underwater world and striking in its diversity will also leave a lot of impressions in your memory.

· Paris

All of France is an ideal place for a romantic trip, and therefore, you can safely go to any corner. But! Paris is still Paris! It is most associated with love, passion, and romance. During the trip, you should visit those places that you read about in your childhood. This is the homeland of haute couture, insanely good perfumes, and delicious cuisine.

If you are going to Paris in the winter, carefully select your wardrobe. Be sure to take warm clothes, waterproof shoes, and a hat. Indeed, in winter there is a frequent occurrence of drizzling rain sometimes with wet snow.

· Switzerland

Charming and mysterious castles, the world’s best ski slopes, upscale hotels with impeccable service, and fabulous mountain chalets will make your trip unique and unforgettable. Arriving in Switzerland, forget about diets and try the famous Swiss chocolate. Do not forget to taste the real Swiss cheeses “raclette” and “emmental.” And be sure to forget about civilization in an alpine village.

To make your vacation in Switzerland even more romantic, rent a chalet in the Alps for a few days. Freedom and privacy are what you get at the same time in a Swiss chalet

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