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How to Win at Slot Machines: 7 Tips You Must Remember 

How to Win at Slot Machines: 7 Tips You Must Remember
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Do you frequently play in casinos? Do you want to learn how to win at slot machines? Whether you’re a newbie or an old-timer, winning at slot machines may seem to be a case of hit-or-miss. 

A study revealed that slot machines are the leading money-making source of casinos. Casinos catering to Las Vegas locals generate 88% of their revenue from slot machines. As for the Las Vegas Strip, casinos get half of their earnings from these machines.

For the players, not too many know that there are practices that will boost their chances of winning. So what are these practices that will help increase your chances of winning?

Continue reading below as we give you some valuable tips for conquering slot machines.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

With technology shaping the casino industry, people now get to play some of the best online slot games in the comfort of their homes. However, nothing matches playing slot machines in the traditional way. 

But how do these slot machines work? How is it that people find it hard to beat them

One of the most common questions people ask is “are online slots rigged?” The answer is no casino will admit that they rig their slots. However, if you play at reputable casinos, you can enjoy the machines knowing that everything is fair and square.

Furthermore, there are gaming jurisdictions that ensure fairness in casinos.

As for how these machines work, they feature a random number generator. This generator is what determines the outcome of the game. The operative word is “random,” which means anything can happen.

This means the machines do not use any cycles. Neither do they offer “due” jackpots.

Moreover, slots feature three reels. Some, however, showcases a total of five. The reel is the one you see spinning on the screen. It carries different symbols like fruits, numbers, and other items. 

If these symbols line up and you hit a certain combination, you will win corresponding prize money.

Valuable Tips on How to Win at Slot Machines

Though slot machines feature the element of randomness, it doesn’t mean you can’t outsmart it in some ways. Here are seven valuable tips on how to win at slot machines whether you’re in a casino or playing online:

1. Start with a Strategy

Like a soldier going into the battlefield, you need to have a strategy before sitting in front of a slot machine. Begin by researching the payout percentages of the machines. A payout percentage is how much of the money you spend on the machine will the latter return to you.

If a machine’s payout percentage is 85%, it means it will payout 85% of the money it takes in. Thus, you need to play on slot machines that come with high payout rates. This, in turn, will increase your odds of winning.

2. Pick the Right Machine

When it comes to picking the right slot machines, go for one that offers smaller jackpots. This is because machines that offer huge jackpots will likely pay out less often. On the flip side, a machine with a smaller jackpot pays out more often. 

Furthermore, be wary when picking machines. Some machines may look identical on the outside. But with closer inspection, you may find that they differ in terms of the payouts.  

If you are playing online, make sure to test the slots first. Don’t play something that you encounter the first time. Instead, try out the free slots first and practice using free games.

Get a feel of the slots before using real money.

3. Go for Higher Denominations

When it comes to your bets, go for the higher denomination slots. Higher denomination bets will likely give payouts more often. The higher the denomination, the bigger the payback rate.

Also, you should consider betting the maximum as often as possible. This will give you all the lines when you make the spin. Also, betting on all the lines will activate some jackpots and in-game bonuses.

Though this means shelling out more money, it will increase your chances of winning.

4. Beware of the “Tight” Machine

You often hear players complaining about not winning a single time. They likely played on what observers call a “tight” machine. 

These are slot machines that give you very few hits even after spinning for quite a significant amount of time. If you encounter very little to no success in a machine after several rounds, it means it’s time to look for another one.

5. Cash is King

When gambling on slot machines in the casino, always remember that cash is king. Play with cash and keep your credit and debit cards in your wallet.

Choosing to play using money means you need to insert your cash inside the slot machines. In turn, the act of slipping the bills will make you more aware of your spending. Swiping your cards to play will make you lose track of your spending easily.

You may realize far too late that you already spent beyond your budget. When it comes to your budget, do your best to stick to it no matter what.

6. Random is Good

Instead of playing progressive machines, go for the random jackpot machines. Playing random increases your odds of bagging jackpots. Sure, the jackpots may be smaller compared to what the progressive slot machines offer, but winning small jackpots across various random slots will have more impact on your success.

Progressive jackpots work by pooling money from several players. Though you may come out an instant millionaire when the night is over, you may lose more money faster compared to playing random slot machines.

7. Be Wise with Your Money

Last but not least, winning in slot machines requires balancing the number of games you play in. Hence, be wise with your spending and know when to stop. 

Slot machines are fast-paced. You can spend hundreds of dollars in under an hour. Practice self-control if you wish to get the most out of the slot machines in the long term.

Become a Casino Conqueror

Learning how to win at slot machines is a key to making the most out of your casino trips. But slot machines only make up a part of the casino experience. You should also explore the other games to keep the excitement level up.

Check out our other articles on casinos and gambling. We provide tips and tricks to help make your visits to the casino memorable more productive.

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