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Walter Viola studies the top ten novels ever written 

Walter Viola studies the top ten novels ever written


At the last count, there was estimated to be almost 130m books that have been published in the world.

Admittedly, through electronic readers and similar devices, it has become easier than ever before to write a novel and release it to the public. However, writing a real classic is a fine art – and only a select few authors have managed it.

Today, with the knowledge of Walter Viola, we are going to take a look at some of these best novels in further detail. Here are the ten that are seen as some of the best ever written.

Under the Net

Penned by Iris Murdoch, this book focusses on a writer who deals with a movie star that is actually a dog. As you might expect, it’s full of comedy – but also contains a touch of philosophy which makes it a favorite.

London Fields

Next on the list is a novel which is a little darker. Author Martin Amis tells the story of a novelist who found a lady’s diaries which documented the path she was taking as she plotted to kill herself.


Toni Morrison’s novel focusses on American slavery. As you might expect, it’s pretty dark and at times violent, but does tell the story in excellent fashion and that’s one of the reasons it has become such a popular novel.


This is one of the more “mainstream” selections, if you like. Little else needs to be spoken about George Orwell’s novel, it’s one of the most famous ever written and as countless people have already said, it’s big brother set decades ago.

David Copperfield

Another classic, this time penned by Charles Dickens. Quite often this is showcased at the theatre, with Dickens’ classic book written in semi-autobiographical style to apparently depict his own life.

Jane Eyre

On the subject of classic novels, let’s now switch to Jane Eyre. Charlotte Brontë is the author of this particular novel which, in plain and simple terms, is an old-school romance. It focusses on a man wanting to marry Miss Eyre, albeit illegally. Many suggest that this book was where fiction was revolutionized.

Suite Francaise

Perhaps the most interesting element to this novel is the fact that it wasn’t published until around six decades after the author, Irène Némirovsky, was gassed. The book is based upon the life in Nazi-occupied France.

The Trial

Franz Kafka’s book is all about ‘K’, an individual who proclaims his innocence upon being arrested. The basis of the book is identifying what he was innocent of in the first place though.

The Lord of the Rings

For any younger readers out there, this title is probably the most well-known. The Lord of the Rings has become one of the most popular movie franchises and whilst long, the novels following Frodo and his crusaders have captivated people of all backgrounds around the world.

The Tale of Genji

Many people believe that this could have been the first ever novel, as Lady Murasaki covers the life of an emperor’s son through this historic piece.

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