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8 Things a Parent Should Never Say to Their Child 

8 Things a Parent Should Never Say to Their Child

Threatening your kids, or not loving them properly are the obvious things that should be avoided, but sometimes, the parents end up saying certain things that they might not mean, however, those things would leave a huge impact on their kid’s brain. 

If the parents are questioned about it, they will end up convincing you that it is not something bad, as they used to hear their parent say the same thing to them when they were kids. The problem is that their ideas are based on the outdated assumption about how the kids are supposed to work. Paper Written prepared a few examples of what parents should never say to their child.

‘You are a bad kid.’

Sometimes a misbehaving kid can drive the parents so mad that the parents genuinely begin to feel that their child is a bad person, and the parents end up telling their child ‘You are a bad kid’. This might not seem like something huge, but it can have a negative impact on their child’s mind, which would then cause anxiety and depression. These mental issues would make the child repeat his mistake over and over again, until you sit him down and explain it to him that he should not do such and such stuff again, with love. 

‘… or else’

This is another statement that is not a nice way of rebuking your child. This is considered as a threat by the child. A parent should not threaten their child in this manner. There is a rule of rebuking your child, i.e. the consequences are needed to be related to the child’s behaviour. Saying something that is not related to the child’s behaviour makes the child feel confused.

‘Get it out of your system.’

Sometimes the kids do certain things that have no actual reason, like running around the house naked or shouting. There are some parents who instead of telling their child not to do it, end up telling them ‘Go, get it out of your system’ which is not natural.  The parents should always reinforce good behaviour, not bad behaviour.

‘Stop being shy.’

If there is a child who feels uncomfortable saying hello to someone, the parents should not force it. Calling them shy or saying ‘stop being shy’ would only push the kids towards the anxiety disorder. You can help a shy kid by supporting him and preparing him about the upcoming event. 

‘Go to your room.’

If you want to let, your child realizes his or her mistake, sending them to their room will not do the trick. You will have no idea what they are doing in their room, but one thing is for sure, they are not guilty about anything that they did or did not do. A time out is something that would help the child realize their mistake if that time out is handled by a talk about their mistake. 

‘Why can’t you be more like your sister?’

Siblings rivalry can be quite damaging to the family. Therefore, the parents should never compare their kid to his or her sibling. That would not increase the rivalry between them. The parents should rather encourage any cooperation between them.

‘If you loved me.’

If the parent threatens or question the bond of love with their child, it might not do anything for the parents, but it certainly would shake the foundation of their child. Therefore, the parents must never do anything to shake their child’s foundation of love. Because it can lead to anxiety and a lot more bad behaviour

‘You are asking for it.’

You should never even think about raising your child under the threat of violence because it will only have disadvantages and will cause irreparable damage to your child’s personality. 

These are eight of the most common things that parent say to their children without even realizing its consequence. Therefore, the parents must avoid all these subtle phrases that can harm the mental health of their kids.

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