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7 Eye-Opening Ways for How to Ask a Guy Out 

7 Eye-Opening Ways for How to Ask a Guy Out

Everyday women want to know how to ask a guy out. It’s the 21st century, where more women make their move first. Find out how you can get your crush on a date

Did you know that over 45% of adult Americans are single? Next time you think you’re the only single person left, remember that number!¬†

More Americans than ever before are choosing the single life. But not everyone is single by choice. 

Some people are ready for a relationship but aren’t sure about the best approach. 

Are you a single woman looking for love? Are you waiting for that perfect guy to ask you out? Stop waiting! 

It’s the 21st century. Learn how to ask a guy out and get the dates you want! 

Afraid of Rejection?

No one likes rejection. Guys don’t like rejection either, but they’ve learned how to shake it off and move on. It’s time women did the same. 

It’s even harder for men now because they risk their actions being misconstrued as sexual harassment!

Sound crazy? It’s not. Many men worry you’ll misunderstand their advances and label them creeps or worse. 

Think of rejection as getting you one step closer to the right guy. If he turns you down, he isn’t the right one. There are so much worse things to worry about. 

If the thought of asking someone out really freaks you out, maybe you need a little anxiety reduction. Read more here!

So how should you ask a guy out?

1. Coffee Is Easy

Got a crush on him? Ask him to coffee. There’s little fear of rejection here.

It’s unlikely he’ll turn you down for coffee if he’s available. If he does turn you down with all sorts of excuses say, “Hey dude, I only asked you for coffee!” Then he’ll feel stupid, and you’ve turned rejection on its head. 

The great thing about coffee is it’s so easy. It’s cheap. If it doesn’t go well, it won’t cause financial stress. The date can be short if it doesn’t go well or you can sit all morning talking if it does. 

2. Try a Group Date

If you’re struggling with fear of rejection, try asking him on a group date. Tell him you and a bunch of friends are going out for the evening and you’d love for him to join. 

If there’s no spark while you’re all out, maybe he’s not right for you. It’s possible you’ll end up with a new friend and that’s not a bad thing. 

Or, after being out with the group, he may end up asking you out on a more personal date. 

3. Send Him a Drink

For years, men have sent women drinks while sitting in a bar. See a guy you’d like to know better? Send him a drink. 

This gesture is guaranteed to surprise and flatter him. When he looks over to see who sent him the drink, give him a smile and a confident nod of your head. The worst thing he’ll do is nod back. 

But chances are, he’ll walk over and introduce himself. 

4. Use Mutual Interests to Your Advantage

You’ve had an eye on that guy in your mutual friend’s sphere for a while. You love to hike and you’re looking for a hiking buddy. 

You don’t know the guy well, but you’ve heard he’s an avid hiker. Bingo! Work your love of hiking into a conversation. Be natural! 

Once he reveals his hiking obsession, ask him if he wants to join you on your next hiking session. It’s much less likely you’ll be rejected since this is an activity he loves. 

Once you’re on the trail, you’ll discover whether there’s a connection or not. And if it doesn’t work out, you still might end up with a great hiking friend. 

5. Pick Up an Extra Ticket

Pick up tickets to a fun sporting event or a great concert. Make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy attending.

Let him know you’ve got an extra ticket to the event and ask him if he’d like to go. Who can resist a ticket to a great event? Chances are he’ll say yes. 

If he doesn’t say yes, you’ve got two tickets to a great event. Find someone else who wants to go. 

6. Person to Person

Asking someone out in person seems terrifying, but it’s the best way. You’ll know by his body language if he’s into you or not. If he’s not, don’t bother asking. 

If you’re not sure, smile and engage in a little small talk. Compliment him on something he’s wearing. If the situation goes well, ask him out.

Be direct, “Hey, would you like to go for coffee next week on Tuesday?”

Don’t leave things open-ended or vague. Make the activity, date, and time specific. If he can’t but he likes you, he’ll suggest another time. 

7. Dating Apps

When it comes to dating and meeting the right guy, think of it as a numbers game. The more people you date, the closer you’ll get to the right one. 

If you match with a guy on a dating app and he doesn’t message you right away, go ahead and message him. In fact, don’t wait more than a few days. 

If you wait a week, chances are, he’ll move on. 

Are you on Bumble? This is a great app for learning how to ask guys out since it’s required that women make the first move. Guys are waiting for you to ask them out on this app. 

Ask away! And don’t worry if he says no. Move on to the next match and have fun with it. 

Know You Know How to Ask a Guy Out

Know you know how to ask a guy out, so go for it! Don’t get caught up in your worries and fears of rejection. Men have those fears too, but they don’t let it stop them. 

Try an easy coffee date first or leverage your mutual interests. Ask him out with your group of friends if the thought of asking him on a big date scares you. 

Send him a drink or tell him you’ve got an extra ticket to a great event. 

There are so many clever ways to ask a guy out. And remember, it’s the 21st century, so go for it, girl! Peruse more articles about love here

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