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10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Entertainment Area This Summer 

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Entertainment Area This Summer

Do you plan on transforming your backyard into something more functional? Do you want to make sure you make the perfect space for backyard entertainment? 

It can get a little nerve-wracking to create a cozy backyard entertainment area where your friends or family can hang out. There’s a lot to plan and get right. 

Don’t fret, however, because we’ve got some tips for you.

Check out this guide below as we tackle 10 great tips for how you can create the best backyard to suit your plans. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Know the Theme You Want to Have 

It helps to know what you want to do in your backyard. Do you want to hold barbecues, parties, or games in it? Do you want to use it for personal entertainment and hobbies?

In the US, the sales for grills climb an average of 2.8% per year. The American dream still includes having barbecues with friends or neighbors. Thus, a lot of backyard entertainment plans include grilling and communing over the grilled food.

2. Plan Out the Design for the Area

What’s next after you determine the type of entertainment you want to have in your backyard? The next step is to plan out the backyard entertainment area with that in mind. This way, your backyard design mirrors the intentions you have for your backyard.

Don’t forget to map out the area before you start designing. This way, you know how big of an area you’re working on. You also want to learn the environment, climate, and typical issues you may have with the backyard.

These will all help you create an optimized design.

3. Have Plenty of Light Available

Think about how you’ll light up your backyard, too. It’s fun to go camping or have bonfires in the backyard. What isn’t fun is tripping over your outdoor furniture because other areas are dark. 

Make sure you have different lights for various things. Include lighting plans for ambiance and décor. Don’t forget to add options for task and security lighting, too.

4. Keep Things Warm or Cool

What kinds of weather do you often experience throughout the year at different times of the day? Considerations for these things need to be a part of your plans. Otherwise, you risk making a backyard with limited uses because of the weather.

One of the best backyard ideas is to include a fire pit. It won’t be the central element in your backyard, but it’ll keep the guests and/or family cozy. You can also use tabletop, hanging, or standing patio heaters for a price.

If you live in an area with warm climates throughout the year, add a water feature to keep you feeling refreshed. It can be a pool where you can take a dip. It can be something as simple as a fountain that offers the refreshing sounds of running water.

5. Add a Space for Privacy

The best backyard entertainment ideas often are those for groups. However, it helps to keep a private area in the backyard. It can serve as a romantic getaway spot for you and your partner.

It can be a small gazebo or a bench behind some shrubberies. You can also use a ground-level pergola with lattice sides. It’d be a good place to find peace in solitude or hold meaningful conversations.

6. Don’t Forget the Backyard Furniture

Your backyard won’t be complete without the right outdoor furniture in it. When deciding what furniture will work best for your backyard, refer to your plans. Don’t forget to consider certain factors like care and maintenance when you’re deciding the materials of the furniture.

Hang a hammock or two from the trees in your backyard. Affix a swing bench or swing bed on the porch. If you often hold barbecues, install built-in furniture like a grill or a storage box.

7. Make It Bug-Free

Don’t forget about the tiny life forms that will live in your backyard. Insects always need to be welcome to help your backyard remain healthy and organic. Although you do want to keep out the harmful insects like pests.

One way to keep your backyard bug-free is to use natural insect repellents.

For example, mosquitos are likely to bother the family when a stagnant water source is nearby. Citronella, catnip, or marigold plants are natural mosquito repellents. You can also use electric insect killers or bug zappers as an alternative. 

8. Consider an Open Backyard Entertainment Area

Do you want an outdoor entertainment area where you can hold party games? Celebrations and birthday parties are great ways to spend quality time with loved ones. One thing that keeps most parties fun and unforgettable is outdoor games.

Note that the design of the area changes depending on the games you have in mind. If you plan on holding tabletop and board games, you want to have a big sturdy table instead. If you plan on holding lawn games or giant-sized games, keep the area open.

9. Get It Ready for Indoor Tech

Do you dream of watching movies in the backyard with the family during warm nights? Do you want to keep a TV rather than a projector and a blank wall? Backyard entertainment doesn’t always have to be tech-free. 

If this is what you want, take measures to keep the electronics safe from the elements. Create an outdoor room that’s either connected to or separated from the main house. The room will keep your consoles, screens, and outlets safe from the rain or sunlight. 

10. Include a Kids’ Play Area

Compared to the 1960 statistics, there’s a drastic change in the shift of US household composition. Today, households without children outnumber households with kids. However, this doesn’t mean you can skip out on planning a play area for kids.

You never know when your plans may change. Also, it’ll be a great space for creating memories with your kids. In time, your grandkids may even get to create memories there too.

Be open to creating a play area for kids. Put a playset or jungle gym to encourage physical play. Your kids can also use this for fun backdoor camping. 

Create the Perfect Backyard

That’s it for our top 10 tips on making an awesome backyard entertainment area. We hope you learned something useful and entertaining from this tip guide. We hope you make great improvements in your backyard from these tips.

Did you enjoy reading these ten helpful tips on improving your backyard? Do you want to see more content that’ll help you with your home? If so, check out the rest of our posts right here!

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