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Ending It Amicably: 4 Steps to a Divorce 

Ending It Amicably: 4 Steps to a Divorce

When you stand up and say your wedding vows with your spouse, the last thing on your mind is divorce. And yet the sad reality is that the divorce rate in the US is among the highest in the world. 

If you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, it can be a stressful and expensive time. It takes effort and planning to ensure things end as amicably as possible. Read on for our 4 steps to a divorce, to help you navigate this emotionally challenging time. 

1. Consider Divorce Mediation

It may be that things aren’t irrevocably ruined between yourself and your spouse. You might even be able to reconcile with skilled support. Even when things are beyond repair, though, it’s a good idea to consider mediation as one of your steps to getting a divorce. 

You should make sure that you know what to expect from mediation. This accurate guide will be a big help. A mediator can help you and your spouse understand how to prepare for divorce. 

2. What About Your Dependents?

Divorce can be very tough on any children involved, and no doubt you will have thought about this when making the big decision to move towards divorce. You’ll need to decide where the children will live and where they will spend the holidays.

Money is also critical here and you need to consider child support payments. These things can be difficult to navigate and it’s best to consult a family attorney to iron out the details. 

You may also need to consider pets and any other caring responsibilities that you have previously shared as a couple. The key is to be prepared and to keep all lines of communication open, including with those whose lives are going to be affected by the divorce. 

3. Think About Your Belongings

This can be one of the hardest steps to a divorce. Who keeps the car, the wedding presents, the CD collection you’ve built up together over the years?

The best first step is to itemize everything. You need a full list of everything that you own jointly as a couple, and ideally, you need to list its value. If things start getting acrimonious, it’s a good idea to give very valuable items to a family friend or trusted neutral party, until a decision has been reached between you about who is keeping what.

4. Get Your Finances in Order

Every couple’s financial situation will differ, but sorting out your finances is one of the most important steps to divorce. The average American divorce costs around $15,000. The more amicable you can keep things, though, the less it will cost.

Make sure you have accounts set up in your own name and copies of all important financial documents. If your spouse has control of most of the financial information, you will definitely need external support to move things forward. 

Steps to a Divorce for Any Situation

Each couple will come to a divorce agreement in different ways, but we hope that this guide to steps to a divorce is helpful if you are facing this tough situation. 

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