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10 Best Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love 

10 Best Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love
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Despite how often people try to put the words ‘moving’ and ‘party’ together, the event has yet to become an occasion friends look forward to. But housewarming parties are another story.

Celebrating with music, family, and friends to mark the beginning of new memories is a classic tradition that brings loved ones together. The best housewarming gifts help the homeowner shed the past and start anew.

Take a look at this list of the 10 best housewarming gifts your friends are sure to love.

1. Rapid Beverage Chiller 

Will you ever remember to chill your Chardonnay at least 30 minutes before dinner? Probably not.

Help your friend avoid the guilt of warm wine with a rapid beverage chiller. The price varies based on the number of bottles your wine chiller can hold.

A single bottler chiller is usually the best option if you’re not sure how much storage space your friend has in his or her new place. 

2. Steak Knives

Dollar store kitchen knives may have been acceptable in college, but once your friend gets his first place it’s time to upgrade. Opt for a rust-free set of stainless steel knives to get the most for your money.

German steak knives are known for their longevity and razor sharpness. This steak knife collection is your ticket to stop sawing your veggies and officially enter the world of well-sliced foods.  

3. Return Address Stamp

Mailing letters is more fun with a sophisticated return address label. Gift your friend a return address stamp so he or she doesn’t have to wait for more labels to keep their post office box full. 

Rubber return address stamps use ink from an office supply store that can be replenished the same day. Choose from ink and pad or self-inking versions.

Self-inking stamps are refillable and don’t require a separate pad and stamp making them easier to store. 

4. Kitchen Herb Planters

Have a friend that loves culinary arts? Then, fresh herbs are a must.

Gift your friend assorted potted kitchen herbs. Potted herbs are a gift that keeps on giving as long as there’s a sunny window to keep them sprouting. 

Thyme and basil are popular in Italian and Mediterranean recipes. If your friend likes Mexican or Asian foods, opt for cilantro instead. 

5. Potted Money Tree

There’s no such thing as too much good luck. One of the best housewarming gifts to give a friend is a money tree.

If your friend is into Feng Shui, a money tree is a staple if he or she wants to harmonize the new home. 

It’s an Eastern symbol of good fortune that’s sure to brighten your friend’s day even if money never actually grows on the tree. This well-meaning gift spreads good vibes and symbolizes a prosperous future in the new home. 

6. Microwave Rice Cooker

Help your friend get through crazy weeknight meal prep with a microwave rice cooker. Paired with steamed veggies, microwaved rice can help reduce the need for takeout and junk food during the week.

Microwave rice cookers range in price based on capacity and durability. Plastic rice cookers are relatively cheap but have a shorter shelf life than that of ceramic. 

7. Heated Throw Blanket

Heated throw blankets are a lifesaver during the winter months. Whether suffering through flu season or an injury, a nice warm blanket makes a new home feel much cozier.

It’ll also cut back on the temptation to turn up the heat helping your friend save on monthly utilities. The best heated blankets offer a wide range of heat settings making it easier to find the right temperature.

Most quality heated blankets are machine washable. Choose a fabric that doesn’t pill or it’ll become itchy and uncomfortable over time.

8. First Aid Kit

First aid kits aren’t sexy, but they should be a staple in any new home. One reason emergency supplies are one of the best housewarming gifts is its function and timeless value.

Buying a first aid kit as a gift doesn’t have to be boring. Help your friend prepare for a zombie apocalypse or get advice from a talking first aid box

Think beyond the standard red and white box when choosing a kit. There are stylish boxes that blend naturally into the modern home decor without being an eyesore. 

9. Pet Portraits

Art is subjective. But art that highlights the love of a pet isn’t. 

Get a custom portrait made of your friend’s pet to hang in their new home. The piece shouldn’t be too large so it can be placed on any wall in the home.

If you don’t know the color scheme of the new home, opt for neutral colors like a black and white portrait to help the artwork blend in. You’ll need a photo of the pet to provide an artist when getting a pet portrait made.

To avoid spoiling the surprise, hunt through your friend’s social media accounts for usable photos, or sneak in a picture during an upcoming visit. 

10. Cookbook/Tablet Stand

Smartphones are the new book, computer, camera and more. Buy your friend a cookbook stand to keep her phone off the counter when following recipes in the kitchen.

Most cookbook designs include a ledge that can hold books and devices of all sizes. This makes it much more versatile than a phone stand and looks decorative on the countertop.

Finding the Best Housewarming Gifts 

It’s much easier to find the best housewarming gifts online than in-store. Shopping online gives you access to specialty suppliers around the world who can give you quality products at competitive prices.

You’ll also have a chance to explore product features in videos and read online reviews. Your goal is to buy a quality housewarming gift that can stand the test of time. 

For more information and lifestyle tips, keep checking our blog for updates. 

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