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6 Amazing Rubbish Removal Tips to Lower Your Moving Bill 

6 Amazing Rubbish Removal Tips to Lower Your Moving Bill

A rubbish removal company can help you make the move easier if you are planning on moving houses. Every house has clutter and you will be astounded by the number of belongings you have accumulated over the years of living in your house. When moving is already costly enough, you wouldn’t want to move everything from the old house to the new, simply by removing all unwanted belongings first you can dramatically lower your total moving bill. Here are 6 Essential tips for rubbish removal when moving houses.

1. Get your stuff ready

Begin by making a list of all the items you don’t use anymore in your home. Or even doubles of everything. Do you really need 2 coffee machines or 3 blenders? It’s time to simplify and separate what you must need from what you would like to have. As the less you move the less it will cost.  Moving an extra 5 cubic metres of space in a truck for items that you would like to have would most likely cost you more than buying brand new items once you have moved in to the new property. 

2. Get started packing early

Once you start packing, it is almost certain that you’ll discover more trash that must be taken away. The majority of junk will remain hidden until you decide to clear it out. You’ll have to sort through your belongings methodically and question if there is enough space in your new house for the item or if it should go into the dumpster. The earlier you start packing the less stressful it will be as you won’t have to do a rush pack the very last minute and decide to move everything to the new house, only to discover that you have moved an extra 5 cubic metres of rubbish that costed you an extra $500. It is recommended to start packing at least two weeks before your move day. You’ll find a lot more junk when you go through your garage, shed or the spare room you’ve been using as storage. 

It is also a good idea to find a reputable interstate removals company as soon as possible if you are relocating interstate. Most people don’t do their research and end up paying more for the same service than they should.

3. Put aside your Electronics, Whitegoods and Chemicals Waste

A rubbish removal service can help you remove any electronic, whitegoods and even chemical waste at your home, such as computers, old tv’s, dishwashers, fridges and even paint and oils. They will remove and take your electronic waste to a recycling center to be properly disposed of or recycled for parts. Many rubbish removal companies have sustainable practices and love to use their business connections to donate or recycle whitegoods to a new home. Chemicals need to be disposed of properly so they are not seeping back into our rivers and streams. Always ask how much of your waste will be going to landfill and where it is going when choosing a reputable company to deal with. White goods are bulky and if you plan to get new items at the new house then, it is best to remove them so they do not take up valuable truck space.

4. Have a Garage Sale

Once you have gathered all your items that you no longer need that are in a relatively good condition. These items can be donated to friends and charities, or you can hold a garage sale so that people in your area can purchase them at a discounted price. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how something you wouldn’t use could be of value to someone else. Label prices clearly, and it’s all about marketing so put up some balloons, play some music and even do some letter drops to notify the neighborhood that there will be a garage sale on. Be specific so people understand where it will be held. On the day, get some friends and family to loiter around. Northing is worse than going to an empty garage sale. Not only will you be moving less, you’ll be making money from the garage sale, putting money back in your pocket.

5. Book Early for Rubbish Removal

Book your rubbish movers well in advance of your move date to ensure that your rubbish removal Bentleigh company (or a company near you) has plenty of time to plan according to your needs. If possible, at least a week before your move, all your rubbish needs to be gone and now you’re really just focusing on packing up loose ends.

A rubbish removals service is relatively straightforward and it wouldn’t take long for the rubbish movers to take your rubbish away but give them notice just to be sure. You may also be able to save money instead of a last-minute urgent rubbish removal request where you’re more inclined to get charged at a higher rate just for the company to fit you in.

6. Keep organized and refer to your Moving Checklist

It is a good idea to go over your list of items again to make sure that all items marked have been removed. You should be left with just the must have items which you’ll be moving to the new house. This checklist will also give you an idea of the amount of garbage you’ll have left. 

Having done the above, you are sure to be guaranteed you are only moving the items that you need as oppose to the would like items saving you lots of space on the truck and getting charged for unnecessary items. You’ll be extremely thankful that you follow these 6 tips to remove all your rubbish before moving to your new house as this will show up in your lower moving bill in the end.

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