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The 5 Best Entertainment Ideas for Parties 

The 5 Best Entertainment Ideas for Parties

Throwing a big party with lots of guests? You need to think about entertainment.

No get together is complete without great food, drinks, good people, and cool entertainment. It can be tough to decide on the entertainment because everyone likes something a little bit different, making it especially difficult for large groups.

In this post, we’re going to give you some entertainment ideas for parties. You’ve got a lot on your plate when you plan a party, so let us help you decide on who or what will be entertaining your guests for the evening.

1. Get a DJ

Music is always a must and it’s always a little bit better when a DJ is playing some hits. Finding cool, professional DJs online takes a bit of research. Check out reviews and find one that will work with you to create a fun playlist for your event.

When creating your playlist, make sure to consider the people attending the party. You should give everyone something to get excited about by casting a wide net.

2. Karaoke Machine

If you’ve got a spare room in your home or event space, you can really boost the party atmosphere with a karaoke machine. When you get a great DJ, they’ll inspire your partygoers to want to belt out a tune or two, so give them a place to make that happen.

You can rent a karaoke machine, a TV, and a sound system for relatively cheap, but it’ll pay off in a big way when you see the look on your friends’ faces as they sing their favorite song.

3. Stand-Up Comedian

When you’ve got a lot of party guests that don’t really know each other, one of the best ways to break the ice is with a stand-up comedian. There’s nothing quite like having a laugh together before partying the night away.

Make sure to hire a comedian that you’ve seen perform before. The last thing you want is awkwardness after an uncomfortable or filthy comedy set.

4. Photographer/Photo Booth

You always want your guests to have a memorable time, but when there’s copious amounts of alcohol involved, there’s always the chance they’ll forget about it. Not with a photographer and/or photo booth there, though.

Hiring a photographer lets you relive your event over and over. You could even set up a web page and send the link to your guests so they can do the same.

5. Party Games

What party is complete without party games? We’re talking giant jenga, charades, cornhole, and whatever else you can think of. Games are another great way to break the ice at parties, so make sure you’ve got lots of interactive ones.

If you really want your party to go down in the pantheon of parties, then you want people to forge new and lasting friendships. They’ll look back years from now and remember the time they met their best friends playing pictionary at your party. What a feeling!

Brainstorming Entertainment Ideas for Parties

One of the best parts of the party-planning process is finding the entertainment. Brainstorming entertainment ideas for parties is our specialty and we hope we’ve given you some great ideas here today. For more on entertainment and party tips, come back and visit us at iStoryTime.

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