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Keeping a Clean Email Inbox for Good 

Keeping a Clean Email Inbox for Good

The average worker spends almost thirty percent of their workday sorting through email. But even so, emails can build up quickly.

So, what do you do when your inbox fills up? Let’s go through how to clean email and keep your inbox clean.

Delete Old Emails

While there may be some important from way back in the day, you can get rid of most of your emails from way back in the day. You should be able to sort your inbox based on the earliest day you started using your current email address. Then you can simply start deleting anything that you don’t think is important.

If you already have a ton of old emails, it may feel overwhelming to go through them. That’s particularly true if your inbox is already up in the tens of thousands. So, start small.

Set aside a half an hour or so aside each and every day, and use that time to start deleting old emails you don’t need anymore. If you slowly work your way through it, you’ll eventually be able to get through them without getting overwhelmed and giving up.

Create Good Email Management Habits

A good way to keep your email clean is to create good email habits. Set regular times to go through your email. This will help you ensure that you don’t miss anything important and that you delete any spam that might be getting through.

And, commit to regularly answering your email. That way, things won’t buildup up and get lost in the snuffle.

Centralize Your Emails

You may be getting lots of emails to different accounts if you have multiple work, school, and personal email accounts. It’s best to centralize your emails whenever possible.

You may still have to respond to emails on a different server, for example, if your work uses Outlook and your personal email is Gmail. But, you can still forward your emails so that you’ll only have to look at them in one place.

Cut Out The Spam

Many people end up with a lot of spam in their inbox. It can get really annoying after a while.

If you’re struggling with spam emails, there are lots of ways you can start cutting down on them. Unsubscribe from any email lists you don’t actually look at. Report anything dangerous looking ASAP, and block those email addresses.

Create Filters

To keep your inbox clean, you can also create filters. This will keep unnecessary emails out of your inbox, and instead will funneling them into different folders so that you don’t have to go through them until you have time to do so. 

Clean Emails Up Today

Clearly, it’s not as tough as you think to clean emails up. It just takes a little bit of effort.

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