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How to Get Graduation Yard Signs that Grab Attention?      

How to Get Graduation Yard Signs that Grab Attention?     

Are you looking for ways to get graduation yard signs that attract loads of attention? Instead of just printing up a generic, lettered yard sign that states the grad’s name and year, why not have it personalized with their photo or create an illustrated design. Perhaps, even add a catchy custom caption! 

By doing so, your grad will be celebrated in the personalization of the yard sign. The possibilities are endless. As many parents can attest, after spending hours on end printing personalized graduation announcements, diplomas, gifts, and more, it’s nice to have a break by taking on a DIY project that isn’t so demanding.

Here’s how to find the perfect graduation signs for yard.

1. Personalize a Standard Lettering Yard Sign

If you’re looking for simplicity and ease, then your best bet is to opt for a pre-made yard sign that already has lettering printed on it. You can find these in the party section of most retail stores and online. The only thing that needs to be done is insert a picture of the grad into the designated cut-out area.

2. Add a Custom Caption

If you’re ordering yard stake signs, why not have them personalized with an illustration or include a clever caption that will be sure to grab attention. Here are a few fun graduation slogan examples to get you started:

  • “I Graduated!”
  • “Graduation is Worth It”
  • “Best 4 Years of My Life!… Wait, Maybe it’s Just the Last 2…”
  • “Socially Awkward Yet Socially Awesome”
  • “Graduating… Gets Me Free Drinks at the Bar”

If you’re looking for speedy, attention-grabbing graduation signs for the yard, then personalized yard stake signs and fence post mounts are just what you need.

3. Choose the Right Size

For the quickest delivery, go with a pre-made yard sign that you can find online. As far as the size of the graduation sign goes, the bigger, the better – but you don’t want it to be overwhelmingly large either. If something particular about your grad’s style or personality, a custom yard sign may suit your needs more.

Remember, the smaller the photo of the grad, the harder it is to read from a distance; this will undermine the whole point of having a sign.

4. Printed or Digital?

It’s a matter of preference, but printed yard signs generally last longer and don’t run the risk of running out of power – unlike digital ones. Plus, if you want to change your design, you can print it again without incurring additional fees. If you’re looking for graduation yard signs that are cost-effective without compromising on quality, then opt for a digital print.

5. Add Custom Accessories

Every grad has their hobbies, colors, and style, so why not have it reflected in the yard sign? You can find accessories at most party stores to customize your sign with cool lettering or even add their school mascot. 

If you’re looking for graduation yard signs that are sure to be seen, then personalizing the sign with the grad’s interest will grab attention when driving by or walking in front of your home.

Wrapping Up

Whether you opt for a digital yard sign or a printed one, remember that personalization is critical. You can go as simple or as detailed as you’d like, and if your grad’s style depends on it, then a custom design to reflect theirs will highlight their accomplishments.

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