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What Can You Put in a Dumpster in Toledo? 

What Can You Put in a Dumpster in Toledo?

If you’re wondering what can go in a dumpster in Toledo, the answer is…pretty much anything! Dumpsters are for disposing of waste, so you can put just about anything in there. Because you can put everything in your waste bin just about anything (even an old and damaged kitchen sink), it might be better to discuss on the restrictions, instead.  Let’s go on to find what these are:

What objects are restricted in putting in a dumpster?

Hazardous Materials

The foremost restriction on what you can put in a dumpster are the hazardous materials. This includes anything toxic, flammable, or explosive. You also cannot put any medical waste in a dumpster; there are specific instructions on how to discard these that you must follow.

Food Waste

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not put any food waste in a dumpster. Food waste can attract pests and create bad odors. It can also cause problems with the city’s sanitation department.

Large items

You should avoid putting large items in a dumpster. Furniture, appliances, and construction materials are just some of these. These items can take up too much space and make it difficult for the garbage truck to pick them up.

Avoid putting too much waste

You should try to recycle as much of your waste as possible. This includes paper, plastic, and metal. If they can be reused in the near future, then by all means do so rather than throw them away.  You may also hold yard and garage sale; one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure, they say.  Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, and it’s better for the environment.

Do not use dumpsters for storage

Remember that dumpsters are for waste, not for storage. You definitely wouldn’t want to freak out in the near future if you suddenly realized your “stored” favorite clothes or gadgets end up in the landfill, instead!  If you have items that you need to store, you should contact a storage company.

Ask your city’s waste management department

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot put in a dumpster, you should contact the city’s waste management department. They will be able to help you figure out the best way to dispose of your waste.

That wraps up our blog post on what can go in a dumpster in Toledo. We hope this information was helpful! If you’re planning to do a project that includes the usage of a dumpster, then the rental dumpster professionals in Toledo are best suited for you! They offer the best services and are known for their experience and good customer service. Contact them now!

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