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5 Common Road Trip Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

5 Common Road Trip Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The United States of America runs 2,800 miles East to West, and 1,582 miles North to South. The substance of the land makes for endless road trip opportunities.

Road trips tap into your inner Indiana Jones, expanding your horizons. They allow you to learn the complicated details of the land that you love and experience different ways of living through the people you meet along the way.

While road tripping offers fun and excitement, it can become stressful if you make poor planning decisions. Read on to learn how to avoid five common road trip mistakes.

1. Over Planning 

Road trips provide a sense of freedom when planned well. But, understand the difference between planning your trip and micromanaging it.

If you try to create a solid schedule for every step of the way, it can quickly turn stressful when you take a wrong turn or fall behind plan. You also rob yourself of the opportunity to discover new places as they turn up.

2. Under Planning

With all that said, you also do not want to fall into the pit hole of under planning your trip. Before you head to the next town, research each road trip destination. Learn more about the area to get a sense of what you can do while you’re there. 

3. Mismanaging Your Money

Know your road trip budget before you even leave the driveway. Mismanaging your money not only takes away your fun, but it can put you in dangerous situations. Imagine running out of hotel or gas money far from home.

Estimate your fuel costs, taking into account the prices for each region you go to. Also consider how much you will need for food, lodging, and entertainment.

To stay on track, set a flexible limit for each day, considering that some places cost almost nothing while others get expensive. Set aside money for emergencies in case the unexpected happens.

4. Forgetting Sustenance

Do not assume that you can get food or water whenever you need it. On road trips, you may find long stretches of undeveloped land with nobody in sight. 

Stock up on non-perishable road trip snacks and water before you leave and throughout the trip. This way you can enjoy the scenery without worrying about survival.

5. Falling Into Tourist Traps

If you spot a sign for a weird roadside attraction that you cannot miss, indulge yourself. But, do not allow your entire trip to turn into a cheesy American commercial.

Many tourist traps drain your budget while actually missing the mark on experiencing the true nature of your destination. As much as possible, travel off the beaten path, eat where the locals dine, and choose the natural amusement.

Avoid Common Road Trip Mistakes

If you avoid these common road trip mistakes, then you will discover the liberty of adventure. Proper planning requires balance so you keep yourself out of dangerous situations without missing out on the excitement of American travel.

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