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What You Should Know Before Junking Your Wrecked Vehicle 

What You Should Know Before Junking Your Wrecked Vehicle
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Did you know that the vehicles people tend to hold on the longest are made by Honda and Toyota? If you’re ready to sell your older or wrecked car, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what to do before you sell your wrecked vehicle.

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Look for a Licensed Junk Dealer

When you begin to research places to bring your vehicle, you’ll want to find a licensed business.

Reputable dealers will show you their license when you ask. Some people will have a copy of the permit hanging in their office.

You want to work with a reputable establishment. Ask your friends for a recommendation.

Different scrapyards and dealers will offer various deals. Take your time finding the best deal for your wrecked vehicle.

Take Valuable Parts

You might have some parts on your vehicle that are valuable and worth something to other buyers. After you take your personal belongings, check your car over. See if any parts are worth money.

If you can’t remove the parts, consider working with a mechanic. You can sell the parts for more money. Valuable parts on vehicles include the entertainment system, starter, alternator, and gas tank.

Collect Your Personal Belongings

Before you sell your wrecked car, you’ll want to gather all your belongings. When you leave your car at the scrapyard, the vehicle and the belongings inside are no longer yours.

Search through your vehicle. Remove any personal items. Look through your trunk, glove compartment, and other storage spaces. Make sure you look between the seats as well.

Take Your License Plates

You’ll want to remove your license plates. Removing the license plates is a legal requirement when you transfer ownership.

You might need to return the DMV plates when you cancel the title.

Strip Non-Metal Parts

Some dealers will buy any vehicle. Other dealers might want the vehicle to get stripped down to the bare metal.

Remove the seats, empty the car of fluids, and strip off valuable plastics. A mechanic will help you complete this job. You can sell some of the parts for money.

Complete Your Paperwork

Paperwork isn’t always necessary when you turn your car in at a scrapyard. Yet, you will need the paperwork if you transfer ownership of the vehicle to a dealership.

If you don’t have your title, make sure you call your state’s department of motor vehicles. You can ask how to get a duplicate title.

Once you’re ready to get rid of your vehicle, look for a junk car buyer.

Now You Know What to Do Before Selling Your Wrecked Vehicle

We hope this guide on what to do with a wrecked vehicle was helpful. After finding a reputable junkyard or buyer, make sure you get rid of all your personal belongings.

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