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When to Replace Your Computer Mouse 

When to Replace Your Computer Mouse

Are you still using a traditional computer mouse? If so, you know from time to time, it may not work correctly. However, you may wonder – how can you tell if it’s just a glitch or a sign you need a new mouse?

Knowing when to replace your computer mouse can seem confusing, but there are some tell-tale signs to look for. Keep reading to learn what these are.

One of the Buttons Isn’t Working

A standard computer mouse has two buttons. One is for scrolling, and one is for scroll and clicking. Eventually, one of these may go bad. For example, you may try to click here, and nothing happens.

One of the most annoying parts of a button going bad is that it usually doesn’t completely stop working. It will likely begin working again when it isn’t needed and ruin what you have been working on.

Random Movement

Another sign you will know if your computer mouse has begun to die is if it randomly throws the cursor into one corner or another. This may also happen if your mousepad is dirty, so you may want to try to clean it and then try the mouse again.

If the issue continues, it may be because the laser isn’t working correctly. This is going to be very frustrating if you use the mouse for detail work, such as 3D modeling. With a gaming mouse, this may not be as irritating, but you will eventually want to replace it.

The Mouse Suddenly Stops Working

One of the most common issues with a computer mouse is that it stops working suddenly. Or, even worse, it starts turning on and off.

Just think what would happen if this occurred with your gaming mouse in the middle of your favorite game? The issue with a mouse switching on and off is much more common with the cable since it can degrade significantly over time.

Computer Mouse Issues That Aren’t a Concern

While there are some issues that indicate a serious problem with your computer mouse, there are other problems that aren’t as big of an issue. These are listed below.

The Cursor Doesn’t Move Smoothly

If the movement of your mouse cursor isn’t smooth, the issue could be dirt or dust in the sensor area. Instead of writing off your mouse as a lost cause, just try to clean it. You can use soapy water and a microfiber cloth to do this.

Another reason you may deal with unsmooth movements of your cursor is related to the surface you are moving it over. Computer mice don’t work well when used on glossy surfaces like glass or varnished wood. Just using a mousepad will help eliminate this issue.

The Cursor Freezes

If your mouse cursor starts to freeze and it stops working, it doesn’t mean the mouse is to blame. Sometimes, an overworked computer can cause this.

Try shutting off all the applications that are running in the background. See if the freezing issue continues.

Another option is to reboot your computer and see if the cursor is restored. In some cases, just restarting your device can help things settle down.

If your mouse still is not working after this, you can check the software and hardware. To see if the software is the issue, reinstall the mouse driver. Sometimes it may crash, or an update may have been faulty.

To check the hardware, look at all connected ports and cables. Try to connect other devices to the ports to see if they are working correctly. The issue may be bad wiring or a faulty USB port.

If you use a wireless mouse, there is a chance that the battery is dead. Double-check this before investing in a new computer mouse.

How to Handle a Dying Computer Mouse

One of the best ways to enhance your computer mouse longevity is by purchasing one from a reputable brand. A no-name brand is much more likely to wear out sooner.

Remember, though, computer mice aren’t expensive -especially when compared to other parts of your device.

Sometimes, it is possible to extend the life of your mouse. For example, if you are using a wireless mouse that is having trouble, try to switch up the position of the battery. Sometimes, this trick can keep the batteries working a bit longer.

If you aren’t sure if it is your mouse or your device, try to use it on a different PC or device. Usually, though, it will probably be the mouse to blame, which means that replacement may be the only option.

When you decide to purchase a new mouse, make sure you find a reputable brand that has good reviews from past customers. This is going to help ensure that the mouse you purchase will last as long as possible and continue working properly through the years.

When to Replace Your Computer Mouse: Now You Know

You should have a good idea of when to replace your computer mouse with the information above. While this isn’t a huge investment, the mouse is an important part of any computer setup. Making sure it is working properly is essential to make sure there are no issues that must be dealt with.

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