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How to Clean Computer Files for an Entire Company 

How to Clean Computer Files for an Entire Company
Cleaning the computer

When we began our transfer over to the digital world of computers, the convenience of the process was praised. No longer would we have to dig through file cabinets and make a mess of our offices when trying to find an old report. Paperless, easy access was the way of the future.

For the most part, this has remained true. Computers have benefited us in many ways. However, keeping files neat and organized on a computer system is no easier than keeping papers organized in an office. You need constant clean-ups and someone who can be on top of things.

If that’s your job at work, do you know how to clean computer files for an organization as large as your company? It can be tough to approach such a big operation. Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few tips on how to get organized.

Why Organization Is Important

Finding a coherent structure and place for the many files that your company uses can be hugely time-consuming and even a little stressful. There might be a moment where you want to throw in the hat and give up.

In these instances, it’s important to remember why you want to be organized in your computer systems in the first place. It can be vital to the success of any business to stay organized with their digital filing

Why? Many reasons. For one, it will be very important to your company that you can find old files easily, even if they were last looked at years in the past. The last thing you want your business to have to face is the embarrassing prospect of having a customer call and not being able to pull up the relevant paperwork.

Losing important payment information or tax paperwork can make your accounting processes a nightmare, and god forbid you get hit with an audit situation

Proper organization of files on the computer can make whatever problems come to your business quick and easy to solve. Disorganization will only make things harder and more stressful for you in the long run.

Creating An Organizational System

So how do you clean up a computer? You’ll need to start by making a file structure system that will be easy to navigate. 

Your computer should already have some default settings that help to keep you somewhat in a good flow. Programs installed on the device should automatically be placed in the programs folder without you having to do anything, and so forth.

You then need to make a logical hierarchy of folders to start placing your documents into. Think of these digital folders in much the same way as you might if they were taking up physical space in your office. How would you sort things? 

You might start with broad categories: “invoices,” “tax documents,” “order forms,” and whatever else might be applicable for your business. Within these folders, you might want to break things down further: by date (year or even month) or by client, for example.

How you break down your structural file system will depend on what kind of business you do and what kind of documents you need organized. Put a lot of thought into what would be the simplest and clearest method ahead of time. Having to switch around to a new system can take a lot of time and work that can be saved if you feel confident from the get-go.

Make your file names totally clear and in plain language. Using abbreviations is likely to confuse you later when you can’t remember what the letters are supposed to mean. It also won’t help others who need to find something for you on the device. 

Other Important Tips

Having the main file structure breakdown is the most important step in cleaning up a company computer. However, there are some other helpful tips you can incorporate to ensure things stay organized.

For one, you should pay close attention to the file naming conventions that you use. It’s a good idea to come up with a template name that you use for all files of a certain type. For example, all invoice files should be named in the same exact fashion: JohnDoe_Job1123_04152020, for example. 

You can decide on the naming convention that you’d prefer for your files, but make sure you stay consistent as you add new ones. Keeping specific and incorporating the date into file names will make it much easier to find things later on.

You’ll also want to stay on top of filing things into the proper place. Too many business owners create this perfect filing structure and then don’t put things in their proper place. The best time to digitally file something is the second you create it. Name it properly and pop it in the right place.

If your current computer system is a mess, it might be worth looking into a program like the one available at Sometimes we could all use a little help getting back on our feet in terms of organization and digital cleanliness.

How To Clean Computer Files for Work

If you work at a business, it’s essential in the modern era that you know how to clean computer files up. A proper organizational system will make it much easier for you and all employees to do your jobs for the months and years to come.

Need more tech advice, tips, and tricks? Keep scrolling our blog for more helpful information. 

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