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Richard Blech Reviews Modern Security Solutions 

Richard Blech Reviews Modern Security Solutions


Over the past decade or so, information technology has grown so rapidly that few people have been able to keep up. Just half a century ago, the things we have today would have been impossible to even imagine! Of course, this has mainly made our lives more convenient and easy to manage, and it has also changed the way in which we perform our daily activities. This is true both for individuals and businesses, with technology making life in general more efficient. However, according to Richard Blech, it is also very important that people understand the new security challenges that come with these changes in technology. Security has always been vital to our lives, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is how effective security solutions are delivered.

Richard Blech on Cloud Security Options

The mobile workforce has been made possible thanks to cloud technology. While this is a fantastic development overall, it has also made it even more important to ensure data is shared in a secure manner. Data is precious and critical to the integrity of a business, after all. Employees now access data from cafes, homes, and anywhere else with an internet connection, and this makes everybody a lot more vulnerable. Hence, one of the most important security elements today is cloud authentication. There are numerous tokenless and token authentication options to choose from. It is very easy to deploy these types of solutions, providing things like single use passwords to ensure a user can authenticate their identity before they can access their business devices and networks.

Fully Effective Solutions

There are numerous service providers out there today who have focused on creating modern-day IT infrastructure security solutions. One of the things they have developed that is proving to be particularly popular is 2-factor authentication systems. These are high effective systems, enabling remote use through a single-buttoned device. They are very easy to deploy and a great deal more effective than password policies within an organization. If a user presses the authentication device’s button, it will display a single use password. This password is then used in order to access the different services they need. This is a highly effective way of replacing the older system generated password options of the past.

Easy to Use and Deploy

People are often resistant to the concept of a new security system, struggling to accept it and to be able to adjust to the change. Indeed, there are solutions out there that could potentially lower productivity, particularly when they are first deployed. However, cloud solutions, and particularly those with single-buttoned devices, are so easy to use, that this shouldn’t be a problem. They don’t need their own infrastructure, which means they are also very easy to deploy. While some people resist anything that is classed as change, the reality is that this is truly easy to get to grips with. All they have to do is press a button, at the end of the day.

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