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The Essential Items Your Off-Road Vehicle Needs to Have 

The Essential Items Your Off-Road Vehicle Needs to Have

Most people buy a truck, Jeep, or SUV and assume it’s completely off-road capable. While these types of vehicles are certainly more adept at climbing hills, driving up rough roads, and leaving the pavement, you might need to invest a little more into your vehicle if you plan to do a lot of off-roading.

A true off-road vehicle can go almost anywhere. It shouldn’t be held back by potholes, large rocks, uneven ground, mud, or snow. If you like the way that sounds, you’re going to want to read through this article.

Whether you like camping in the most remote places or love extreme off-roading, we’re here to help you outfit your vehicle properly. Keep reading to learn about the essential equipment for off-road vehicles.

Safety Harnesses

First, let’s talk about safety. If you’re going off-road, it’s literally going to be a bumpy ride.

A regular seatbelt isn’t going to cut it. Sure, it will help keep you safe, but it will be mighty uncomfortable.

We suggest upgrading your off-road vehicle with a safety harness that will strap you in at both shoulders. Not only will this be more comfortable during bumpy rides, but it will also keep you safer.

Off-Road Tires, Lift Kits, and Suspension

Of course, one of the most important off-road vehicle tips is to update your suspension for a smoother ride. Additionally, modify your off-road vehicle with a lift kit to give you more ground clearance.

A lift kit will also help you traverse shallow waters without worrying about flooding your engine or your cab. Lastly, we recommend getting bulkier, tougher off-road tires that can stand up to whatever you through its way.

Rock Sliders, Custom Bumpers, and Skid Plats

No matter how high your off-road vehicle sits, you’re never going to avoid scraping your undercarriage on rocks, gravel, underbrush, and other ground materials. You also don’t want your vehicle to sit so high that you make yourself more prone to roll-overs.

For this reason, take a look at True North Fabrications to find rock sliders, customer bumpers, and skid plates. These modifications will help you protect your vehicle, which will keep you on the road (or should we say off the road) longer.

Roll Cages

Returning to the topic of safety, let’s talk about roll cages. If you’re doing some extreme off-roading, it’s important to accept that roll-overs are a possibility.

As such, we highly recommend adding a roll cage to your off-road vehicle. A roll cage will protect both you and your vehicle from severe damages or injuries.


Finally, winches are some of the most important off-road vehicle accessories. No matter how well you modify your rig or how good of a driver you are, you’ll likely get stuck at some point in your adventures.

When this happens, it’s important to have a way out. Installing a front and rear winch will ensure you can get yourself out of most situations. If you don’t have a tow hook or tow bar attached, it’s also a good idea to look into those features.

Ready to Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle?

If you want to do some serious off-roading in your vehicle, you’ll need the modifications listed above. Of course, depending on what you’re doing, you might not need all of them. Note, you should never skimp on safety additions or emergency modifications.

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