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4 Reasons Every Driver Should Have a Roadside Assistance Plan 

4 Reasons Every Driver Should Have a Roadside Assistance Plan

Every year, approximately 1 in 3 drivers break down out on the roads, resulting in 69 million breakdowns annually. 

Cumulatively, this costs drivers billions. Beaking down can also be highly stressful, and can also place you in dangerous situations. 

One of the ways you can protect yourself from the stress, unexpected cost, and dangers of breakdowns is by taking out a roadside assistance plan. 

However, any time you take out an insurance plan, this means another monthly cost to cover. 

Is roadside assistance coverage worth it? Keep reading to decide for yourself. 

1. Having a Road Side Assistance Plan Is Safer

One of the reasons why just about any driver should have a roadside assistance plan is that it increases your safety should you break down.

If you have roadside assistance insurance, the first thing to do when you have a breakdown or an accident is to call the provider. They will assess your coverage and dispatch the appropriate assistance, such as a towing service, or put you in contact with one.

This ensures that you can get speedy assistance. Instead of having to frantically hunt for the right company to call, you can get help organized within minutes.

If you have broken down in a bad place quick help can be key. For instance, if your vehicle is obstructing the road, it might get hit by oncoming traffic. Or, if the general area you’re in is unsafe, the quicker help can arrive, the better. 

2. You Can Enjoy Peace of Mind No Matter Where You Drive

Another benefit of having a roadside assistance plan is that you can drive just about anywhere and enjoy peace of mind. Should you have a vehicle emergency, you can rest assured you can get help quickly.

You also have the security of knowing you probably won’t have to pay out of pocket for unexpected expenses for car assistance. Things like towing and vehicle repair can be costly. If these expenses hit out of the blue, or at a bad time for your finances, it can make a breakdown ten times more stressful. 

3. It Might Be Cheaper

Roadside assistance tends to be relatively affordable. Thanks to this, it can be cheaper than having to pay out of pocket for vehicle problems. 

If you have a vehicle emergency, you might not have time to shop around for the most cost-effective service or quote. Instead, you could easily pick the most expensive option in your rush to get assistance. 

4. You Drive a Lot at Night or Have Children

If you frequently drive at night or have children, then you might want to seriously consider getting a roadside assistance plan. Having vehicle problems at night can be stressful and frightening. If you have kids in the car, this can make things even more difficult and scary. 

Getting a Roadside Assistance Plan Is a Smart Move for Any Driver

Getting a roadside assistance plan will add to your insurance expenses, but it can be invaluable out on the road when you have vehicle problems. A vehicle emergency can strike out of nowhere, no matter how well you drive, making roadside assistance coverage a smart choice for any driver. 

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