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The Top RV Designs to Inspire You in 2022 

The Top RV Designs to Inspire You in 2022

According to one study, 11 million families in America own an RV.

if you’re interested in also owning your own RV, you might be wondering what the best RV designs are for your style.

Keep reading to discover some of the best RV interior design trends. 


If you want something retro, you might want to renovate the interior and use wool insulation. You should also incorporate some wood elements that were popular in the ’70s.

To maximize storage space, you can have an open concept and have a kitchen counter that is really long. This kitchen counter can hold cabinets that will be storage for your bedroom and your kitchen. 

To add a nice pop of color, you can even add rainbow mosaic tiles. All of this will help to add to a fun and vintage trailer. 


Most people do a transitional style in their RV. This is a design that is timeless, but you can also customize it to fit what you want. This style will help you personalize it and design an RV that will suit your needs.

You’ll also still have a quality, classic look as your base. 

The transitional style is so popular because it’s in a lot of residential homes. But it’s hard to find it in an RV. 

The great thing about this style is that you’re never committed to anything. This lifestyle appeals to a lot of people who own RVs and live and travel in them. 

At the end of the day, the interior of the RV should make you happy and inspire you and remind you why you chose to live that lifestyle. Now you can have that daily reminder through the interior decorations of your RV.

Arts and Craft

Some people also like the arts and crafts look. This is designed with all items that are hand-made and have a rustic look. This will also use natural materials and simplicity in it. 

However, it’s not exactly a rustic style because everything in it is organic and nature-inspired. This will focus on the artistic side of your personality, but it will also show that you care about a high level of craftsmanship. 

This can also make your RV more personalized as you have a special connection with the pieces that you use to display in your RV.

Working Remotely

If you’re working remotely in your RV, you may want to design it a little bit differently. 

For example, instead of a large dining area, you might want to include a digital workstation. Some people may even want blackout windows so that they can focus on the task at hand, rather than being tempted with an adventure.


If you already have an RV electric fireplace, you’re probably already close to a luxury style. 

This is great for people who still want the freedom of living in an RV but want to be able to travel in luxury and style. 

This luxurious style combines natural elements that are still prevalent in many fancy homes. For example, you could combine different types of natural wood to make it feel more complex and layered.

You might even want to include rich fabrics, ornate, art, and accessories. 


If you are going to be having a lot of adventures, then you may want a sporty style instead. 

You may want to have enough space to store bicycles or kayaks. However, you can add a rack on the outside to make it easier to carry all of your toys.

This style will also have a lot of storage so that you can store all of your toys and still have room to live comfortably. 


If you don’t want anything too traditional, you can use Bohomeian to give it a complex and layered look.

This will make your RV more eclectic, eccentric, and individual. To achieve this style, have different patterns, textures, and colors. You should use deep jewel tones and have a personal collection of accessories and items that you can display.


You should also have different colors for your RV. This can be a fun option if you’re not really sure what style you want. You can use this to help you start narrowing it down.

However, you can even choose multiple different colors and still have it be a successful and cohesive design. You can have a certain way of including and picking the colors depending on what style you want.

For example, if you want a contemporary or modern design, choose colors that are neutral or muted. To get that Bohemian style, you’ll use all kinds of bright, rich colors. 

Keep in mind that color can affect your psychology and mood as well. If you want to make the space feel bigger, use something like white or light brown. If you want to make it feel cozy and smaller,r you should use a darker color.

However, you don’t have to just worry about the wall. You can also achieve this effect with the decorations and furnishings.

Discover More About RV Designs

These are only a few popular RV designs that you can install in the interior of your RV, but there are many more options you can choose from.

We know that living in an RV can be challenging at times, but we’re here to help you through it.

If you want more RV living tips, make sure that you explore our website to find even more great articles just like this one!

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