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Protect Your Car Value With a Car Window Tint 

Protect Your Car Value With a Car Window Tint

As soon as your drive off the lot in a new car, it loses between 9-11% of its value. Vehicles only continue to depreciate over time, especially as they experience wear and tear. One common cause of damage is fading caused by the sun’s rays. 

A faded interior drastically affects the look and value of your vehicle. 

Thankfully, getting a car window tint can help reduce the sun’s damaging effects, protecting you and your passengers as well as the interior of your vehicle. 

Here’s what you need to know about window tint, including how to choose the right percentage and where to have it installed. 

The Benefit of a Car Window Tint

There are steps you can take to slow down the depreciation of a vehicle. Some examples include keeping the mileage low, performing regular maintenance, adding car modifications, and protecting the exterior and interior. One of the best ways to keep your car’s interior in good shape is by installing a car window tint. 

Window tint works by reducing the UV radiation that makes its way through the glass, thus protecting your upholstery, carpeting, and dashboard.

The standard glass only blocks some UV rays, specifically UVB and some UVA rays. Special car window film can block more damaging sunlight, providing many benefits. 

Some of the biggest benefits, aside from preventing fading, is that it keeps you cooler inside the vehicle. By blocking more UV rays, the interior of the car doesn’t warm up as much, keeping you and your passengers comfortable.

Additionally, you can still see clearly outside with a window tint. It may even be easier to see on sunnier days, as there won’t be as much glare. 

Window Tint Percentages

Installing auto tint film is one of the more popular car improvements, especially in sunnier states, but you need to understand window tint percentages

The tint percentage is an indicator of how much light gets through, and it’s calculated using VLT (visible light transmission). 

Window films vary from 5% to 90%. The most common percentage is between 20-25%.

A 5% window tint blocks 95% of visible light, making your car windows very dark. As you might imagine, this can prove to be a safety issue.

Drivers need to see one another to communicate on the road, especially at four-way stops and crosswalks. It’s also a safety issue for police officers, who may not be able to view the driver and determine if it’s safe to approach. Window tints that are too dark can also impede a driver’s visibility. 

Each state has laws on the allowed window tint percentages and what type of tint you can apply. Make sure you research the laws and only go to a reputable window tint company to have it applied. 

Getting Car Window Tint Installed

While you can install window tint yourself, it’s easy to do it wrong. The best way to protect your vehicle is to have a car window tint professionally applied. This way, you can be sure it looks good and protects you and your vehicle from the sun. 

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