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The Most Common Tesla Maintenance Issues 

The Most Common Tesla Maintenance Issues

What’s not to love about owning and driving a Tesla! These beautifully crafted automobiles soar through the air with barely a murmur from the electric engine.

These vehicles are engineering feats that run on advanced technology. That being said, as with any other auto on the road, you will need routine Tesla maintenance.

Even owners of gasoline cars under 10 years old often require outside help to keep them running–especially when there are more than two people sitting in the back seat. What are the Tesla common issues like, and what should you be looking out for? Read on to know the issues to look out for on your Tesla vehicle.

Alignment Issues

The most common maintenance problem is alignment. This is because Tesla is a very heavy car and the weight is not evenly distributed. This causes the Tesla to pull to one side or the other, and the alignment is off.

Tesla also sometimes hesitates to turn, and this is another symptom of alignment problems. If you notice any of these problems, it is best to take your Tesla to a certified Tesla mechanic to have the alignment checked and adjusted.

Issues With Battery

Another common issue is that the battery can lose its charge. This can happen if the car is not used for a while or if the battery is not properly maintained. If the battery loses its charge, it will need to be recharged.

Another problem that can occur with the battery is that it can become damaged. This can happen if the battery is not properly cared for or if it is involved in an accident. If the battery is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Not Too Many Service Centers

Tesla’s service centers are few and far between, and that can pose a problem for customers who need regular Tesla maintenance or repairs. While the company is working to expand its network of service centers, it’s still not as extensive as other automakers.

That means customers may have to travel a long distance to get their Tesla serviced. And if they have a problem while they’re on the road, they may be out of luck.

Cost of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining a Tesla car can be quite high. This doesn’t even include auto body repair. Some people have estimated that it can cost as much as $1,000 per year to keep a Tesla in good condition.

This is partly because Tesla cars require special care and attention. For example, their batteries need to be regularly maintained and replaced, and their brakes and suspension systems need to be checked and replaced more often than a traditional car.

Additionally, Tesla cars are more expensive to insure than other cars. All these factors can contribute to a high cost of ownership.

Tesla Maintenance Issues

While Tesla maintenance issues have been well-documented, the company has made significant strides in recent years to address these concerns. Tesla owners can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is backed by a comprehensive maintenance and repair program.

Get yourself a watchful eye and make sure to have your Tesla in the right hands as it sees to its regular needs. Keep browsing our blog for more helpful tips!

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