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Choosing the Best Car Shipping Companies near Me: A Guide 

Choosing the Best Car Shipping Companies near Me: A Guide

Do you want to ship a car for any reason? It could be that you just bought a brand new car, or you are moving to another state for college or work. And driving is not a viable option for you.

Regardless of the reason, you will want to find a trustworthy and reliable car shipper. Auto-shipping is a massive industry. If you search for ‘car shipping companies near me’ on the internet, the results can be overwhelming. 

Whether you prefer to ship with an open or an enclosed trailer, you want to avoid a potential ordeal. However, choosing the best car shipping company is not easy. And getting the choice wrong can frustrate you tremendously.

Learning about the car shipping process can help you make an informed decision. In this auto-shipping guide, we will share crucial information. When you finish reading it, you will be a step closer to finding the best car-shipping service within your locality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Car Shipping Service

As you embark on searching for car shipping companies, you need to focus on what’s important to you. Picking a random company with a slick website can be misleading. This is how the overcharges and underperformances occur.

The following factors are worth considering before settling on a particular car shipping service;

Check the Company’s Reputation and Track Record

A car shipping service track record and reputation should be your priority. But where will you find this information? The best way to know if an auto shipper is reputable is by reading online reviews.

Most reviews will provide detailed information about a company’s track record. If many people complain about the service delivery of a car shipping company, that’s a red flag. It might be a bad idea to procure the services of such a company.

If any of the comments on the company review are positive, you may have found your auto-shipper. But ensure that the reviews are genuine. In the most authentic reviews, average customers do not use the industry’s terminologies. 

Go for Quality Instead of Quantity

Most established auto shipping services transport hundreds of vehicles each day. No matter how many cars a company claims to transport per day, what matters is the quality of service.

In terms of quantity, the auto shippers may add up. But do they deliver every vehicle on time? Do the cars arrive in their original condition? When choosing a car shipping company, go for the quality.

Ask the service provider about the safety measures they take when shipping cars. If they mention liability transport insurance, your car will be in safe hands. You can also ask for a copy of the carrier’s information and insurance policy.

Are Car Shipping Companies Near Me Registered?

The Department of Transport and the Federal Carrier Motor Safety Administration(FCMSA) are the two organizations that regulate vehicle transportation. The company you choose must have an MC and DOT number. Verify the MC number validity with FCMSA.

An MC number that’s not authorized should raise a red flag. Go a step further to verify the company’s insurance and license are valid. If everything checks, you’ve found your auto-shipper.

A Budget Friendly Car Shipping Company

Cheap can be expensive. Nonetheless, you need to look for a company that can meet your budget and needs. You may want to ship a delicate vehicle such as a sports or luxury car. You will need a company that will handle the car with exceptional care.

In such circumstances, you should pick a company that offers customized services. If they also have door-to-door and shipment tracking services, you are on the right track. 

An Experienced Auto-Shipper

An auto-shipper with years of experience under its belt should be your priority. Being in this business for a long time demonstrates the competence of the service provider. If any challenges occur along the way, the company can handle them with minimal inconvenience.

Don’t be quick to trust an auto-shipping company that has been operational for a couple of months. You might be disappointed.

A Company With Multiple Payment Options

Most people who ship cars do it because they don’t want to drive for thousands of miles. If you want to ship a car to another estate, ensure the company accepts your preferred mode of payment. The best payment options include cash, credit cards, checks, and so on.

A good car shipper should not ask for payment upfront. Your car should act as ample security. You should pay after they have delivered your car. And you have confirmed that it has no damages.

Professional Staff

Car shipping services that exude exceptional professionalism are the best. From your first call or email, the response should demonstrate that the company has professional staff. If any challenges were to come up along the way, you will be more at ease with such a shipper.

What to Do After Finding Potential Car Shipping Services

After you identify several auto shipping companies that fit the bill, request a quote. Compare at least three quotes before picking your provider.

If you are pleased by a particular company, call them and agree on the pick-up date. Also, find out how it will take to deliver the car to its destination. If you are in New York or Florida and want the best quotes, click for more information here.

Now You Know How to Choose Car Shipping Companies 

Car shipping comes with a lot of benefits. As you search for ‘car shipping companies near me’ on the internet, your chance of success is higher. Although it might be challenging to decide at first, sticking to what is important to you should help.

Do you need to learn more about the car shipping process and services? Browse through our website to find tons of insightful articles on this topic.

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