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Car Marketing 101: 7 Easy Ways to Drive Up Sales at Your Dealership 

Car Marketing 101: 7 Easy Ways to Drive Up Sales at Your Dealership

If you own a car dealership, you know all about how competitive the auto industry can be. There are more than 16,000 new car dealers scattered throughout the country at this time and tens of thousands of used car dealers as well.

It’s what makes car marketing so important for your dealership. You need to know how to market the cars that you’re trying to sell effectively if you stand any chance of standing out in the marketplace and increasing your sales in the process.

Want to find out some of the ways in which you can drive your car dealership’s sales up? Here are seven ways that you can go about doing it.

1. Invest in Big “SALE!” Banners for Your Car Dealership

Who doesn’t love a good sale? The answer to that question is easy: No one.

With this in mind, one of the simplest ways to market your dealership’s cars is by slapping a bunch of big “SALE!” banners on the front of your building and using them to drum up business.

There’s a good chance that you’re going to be holding some kind of sale at almost all times. It’s why you should get into the habit of leaving these banners on the front of your building pretty much every single day.

2. Design a Great-Looking Website for Your Car Dealership

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible for any kind of business to succeed in their industry without a fully-functioning website that looks amazing. If your dealership doesn’t already have a website set up, you should make that a big part of your strategy when putting a car marketing plan into place.

Find a company that specializes in car dealership site design to help you come up with a slick site that showcases everything that you have in your inventory. It should give you an opportunity to show off everything from the fair market value car prices that you offer to additional information on each of your vehicles.

3. Shoot Videos of the Vehicles for Sale at Your Car Dealership

People used to have to go all the way down to a car dealership’s lot and spend a few hours there to look at all the different cars that they had for sale inside and out. But this is no longer the case!

In 2020, most major car dealerships take the time to shoot videos of the vehicles on their lot so that people can tour them right from the comfort of their own home. If you haven’t gotten on board with this car marketing trend yet, it’s time to do it.

You should try to give people tours of almost all the different vehicles that you have on your lot by posting videos of them on sites like YouTube and, of course, your own site. It’ll allow them to see which cars they like best and increase the chances of them coming down to see them in person.

4. Establish a Social Media Presence for Your Car Dealership

Earlier, we touched on how important it is for car dealerships to have websites set up these days. But you shouldn’t stop there as far as establishing a digital presence is concerned.

You should also create a social media presence for your dealership. That means creating pages for your dealership on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

You can bring your car dealership to life by connecting with potential customers on social media. You can also give people another way to contact you when they have questions about the vehicles in your inventory.

5. Run Fun Radio Spots for Your Car Dealership

Some car dealerships have made the mistake of doing car marketing exclusively online. This isn’t the worst idea in the world if you’re able to maintain a strong online presence. But you also shouldn’t forget about the traditional car marketing practices when you’re making a push to get your dealership’s name out there.

For years now, car dealerships all across the country have been running radio spots on their local radio stations. You should try to come up with a clever idea for a radio spot and put it together. It could help to put your dealership on the map.

6. Purchase TV Time on Behalf of Your Car Dealership

In addition to running radio spots for years now, many car dealerships have also been running TV commercials in an attempt to attract customers to their business. This is another traditional car marketing practice that you might want to put to good use.

You can use a TV commercial to introduce yourself and to make people feel more comfortable with the idea of buying a car from you. You can also use it to broadcast a sale or to show off the new cars that just arrived on your lot.

7. Mail Letters From Your Car Dealership to Those in Your Community

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to entice people to patronize your car dealership is also one of the oldest ways. But even in the 21st century, it’s still an effective way to reach a large audience.

You should think about mailing out letters to the people in your community to encourage them to come out to buy a car from you. If nothing else, it’ll make people remember your dealership’s name the next time they need a new car.

Make Car Marketing a Bigger Part of Your Dealership’s Mission From Now On

The new and used car market is very crowded with all the different dealerships that are out there. Give your dealership a chance to shine by marketing it in the right ways.

Use the tips that we’ve listed here to make car marketing a bigger part of your mission as you move forward. You should be able to build your business up in no time when you take the right approach to marketing it to the masses.

Would you like to learn some other ways to use marketing to your advantage when running a business? Check out the articles on our blog to get some great advice.

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