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Penis Exercises 

Penis Exercises

To have a big size of penis is the dream of every person nowadays. Penis exercises are the latest techniques to increase the size of the penis in very befitting manner.

These exercises help you a lots to overcome the problem of the short size of the penis.

Most of the men in the world face a problem of the small size of the penis and its very shameful thing for the peoples who have a small penis. So they use much medicine like pills, different types of herbs and different oils to increase the size of the penis sometimes they just waste their time and money because they get no result and sometimes the pills and other medicine can damage the health of the peoples so the use of the medicine sometimes results very dangerous.

Always use that way which shows good results and cannot harm your health, so the penis exerciser or urologist exercise are the best solution to increase the size of the penis without any taking of medicine.

In penis stretching exercises you just need to consume just 20 to 30 minutes without take any type of the medicine.

Important things for penis exercises

When you are going to take penis exercises then you would have to keep lots of things in your mind. There are lots of types of penis exercise which help u to increase the size of the penis.

Before the penis stretching exercise takes a warm water cloth and takes your penis there for some minutes. This will bring blood flow in the penis and make it easier and quicker to bring it in the semi-erect state.

Then carefully apply the lubricant on the penis in the semi-erect state. After lubrication make the ok sign with the help of your fingers and thumb.

Wrap the ok sign with the base of your penis. This is your starting point. Move the ok sign slowly to the top of the penis, once you reach the head then release. This process should be continue for several minutes and with a safe and control manner.

You want to continue the jelq for several amounts of the minutes. Some routines start with the 100 rep per week then 150 to the next week and continue the process of jelqing 6 minutes in a day.

It is generally known that jelq is enough exercise to increase the size of the penis but there is also lots of exercise like stretching, you can do stretching after the jelqing process it may be more helpful to increase the size of your penis. After this process take your penis into a warm cloth so when you take it into the warm cloth the tissue of the penis start to rebuild which is very helpful to increase the size of the penis.

You can repeat this process twice the time to get the better result. Jelqing does not work overnight you would have to be patience in this process, sometimes jelqing required at least two weeks to show its result and sometimes it require more than two weeks.

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