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How to Iron on Patches: A Simple Guide 

How to Iron on Patches: A Simple Guide

We all like to have our aesthetic when it comes to our wardrobe. Finding personality through our clothing is a natural and even healthy thing to do.

One way to help make an outfit pop with your brand of personality? Iron-on patches. Patches are easy to order in the mail and can be added to jackets, jeans, and handbags with little effort.

Do you know how to iron on patches to your garments? If no, read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

How To Iron On Patches To Your Clothes

You’ve ordered your patches online or picked them up in the store. You’ve picked out that great jean jacket or whatever article of clothing you’re looking to accessorize. You’ve gone to see more patch options and landed on exactly the ones you want.

How do you get started putting them on your clothing?


First, you’ll need to grab and heat the iron itself. To properly attach a patch to an item of clothing, you’ll want to ensure your iron is turned on to it’s highest possible heat level.

While the iron is heating up, find the perfect position on your garment for the patch. This is a vital step and it’s important to be precise. If you choose the wrong location for your patch, you might botch the whole job and your clothing with it.

Be very careful to make sure you place the patch in the right spot. If you’re trying to center it, it literally might be worth getting a ruler and making sure it’s truly in the center of your piece. It’s important to be 100% of the position before you move onto the next step.

Performing The Task

You might want to grab some sort of pressing cloth to help protect the appearance of your patch and the article of clothing. A cotton pillowcase or handkerchief can be used if you don’t have anything better around your home.

You’ll want to place this cloth on top of the patch, protecting it from the direct impact of the iron.

Once the cloth is over, you can press the iron straight down onto the patch for thirty to forty-five seconds, and no longer. Try to keep a firm and still hand. Make sure not to accidentally nudge or move the patch while applying pressure.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to flip the article of clothing inside out. Then you’ll want to lay down the pressing cloth again on the opposite side of the patch and repeat the above steps.

This way you’ll have ironed in the patch on both sides of the garment. 

You can then repeat the process with any other patches you have in your possession. Make sure to let things cool down before attempting to wear your newly-adorned piece! 

Enjoying Iron On Patches

Do you know how to iron on patches? If you’re looking to glam out some of your clothing, it can be an important skill to know. The above information can help.

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