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5 Keys to Boarding an Attic Loft Properly 

5 Keys to Boarding an Attic Loft Properly
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Have you been thinking about ways to increase the value of your house? One creative way to do this is to board up your attic loft and repurpose it into a bedroom or another usable room. This project can yield a 53 percent return on your investment!

If you’re not sure how to board up your attic loft and want to avoid causing damage, keep reading. Here are five essential tips to guide you through the process.

1. Evaluate the Loft

Start by taking a look around the attic loft. Consider the state of the insulation and the type of insulation that’s currently in there. Think about the size of the loft, too, and its general condition so you can get an idea of how much work will be required to board it up.

2. Gather Your Materials

Next, gather up your materials. To board up your loft, you’ll need the following:

  • Loft legs
  • A loft tongue and groove boards
  • Loft screws
  • A drill with a Pozi drive
  • A high-quality dust mask
  • Goggles
  • A disposable paper suit

Don’t underestimate the value of this safety equipment. It’ll protect you from skin and eye irritation caused by the insulation and dust flying around in the attic while you work.

3. Take Measurements

Now, it’s time to take measurements. This helps you determine how many boards and screws you’ll need. 

Measure the width and length of the loft and multiply those two numbers together to calculate its square footage. Be sure to measure the distance between the joists (the horizontal beams that run along the floor) as well.

4. Install Insulation and Loft Legs

If you have old insulation in your attic, it’s a good idea to clear it out and start over. This helps you ensure there is sufficient insulation and that there aren’t any pest issues in your attic that you’ll accidentally be sealing in.

Once the insulation is in place, you can install the loft legs. Screw them into the joists of your attic and use four screws for each leg. Most of the time, it works best to space them about 12 inches apart. 

5. Install the Boards

Now that you’ve gone through these other steps associated with learning how to board your loft, you’re finally ready to install the boards. 

Start by screwing the first loft board on top of the loft legs. The first one should be the farthest away from the loft hatch. Use two screws per loft leg, or eight screws in total. 

Once the first board is in place, slide the second one next to it so it joins with the first one. Use two screws per each leg to secure it in place. Repeat this process until you’ve laid all the boards.

Board Up Your Attic Loft Today

As you can see, boarding up your attic loft isn’t as difficult as you might have originally thought. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to fix it up and convert it into any kind of room you want in no time at all.

Do you want to learn more about updating your home and increasing its value? If so, we have plenty of other tips and tricks available on our site. Check out our home improvement resources today.

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