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6 Important Tips for Buying Furniture Online 

6 Important Tips for Buying Furniture Online
6 Important Tips for Buying Furniture Online

You don’t have to always go inside a store to buy your furniture. Keep reading for 6 important tips for buying furniture online.

Looking for a few tips on how to take your living room to the next level? 

Have you recently purchased a new home or started renting a new apartment, and want to give your space the makeover it deserves with all-new furniture? 

Maybe you’re even expecting a baby, and need to prepare the nursery ASAP!

That’s why you want to buy your furniture online. 

But before you start your online shopping, read this article first. 

In it, we’ll share with you some of our best tips for buying furniture online. 

1. Know Your Shipping Costs

One of the biggest things that shoppers fail to take into consideration when doing their furniture shopping online? 

The shipping costs!

If you’re shopping from a store that’s several states away or one with a warehouse that’s far away from where you live, expect to pay serious costly shipping expenses. 

These should be calculated at checkout, and can easily be hundreds of dollars. 

So, before you think that you found a great price, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping.

And if you’re going to buy multiple pieces of furniture at the same time? 

Ask if you can get a discount on your shipping costs. In some cases, it may actually be cheaper for you to go and pick up the furniture in-person. 

2. Read Customer Reviews

When you’re shopping at online furniture stores, remember that you’re only seeing what the company wants you to see. 

Of course, every piece of furniture is going to look amazing. Of course, the prices make it seem like you’re getting a great deal. Of course, the furniture appears to be well-made, and the description talks about the high-quality materials used to bring it to life. 

But how do you know that this is the reality? 

By reading as many customer reviews as you can. 

This is where you’ll find out if things were damaged during the shipping process, or if the order was severely delayed. If you’re buying antique or used furniture online, you’ll learn if the photos tend to hide cracks and chips. 

You’ll be able to figure out how durable and high-quality the furniture truly is before you make an investment. 

It’s a huge part of your due diligence as a shopper — and it can save you from making a huge and costly mistake. 

3. Buy at the Right Time

If you’re buying cheap furniture online, you need to know exactly when to shop in order to get the best deal. 

Most furniture stores have huge sales in the summer months, and around major holidays. Before you make a full-price purchase (even if it’s already a good deal) do some research and make sure there isn’t a sale coming up in the near future. 

Some companies, like this furniture store, also have an amazing clearance section. 

Check it out to make sure you don’t miss out on awesome deals.  

4. Measure Everything 

Perhaps the most important entry on our list of the top tips for buying furniture online is to make sure you measure your space first. 

The last thing you want to deal with is furniture that ends up being way too big for that wall, or a stool that won’t fit underneath your bar. In some cases, you may also need to measure your front door. 

After all, you want to be sure that your furniture will be able to get inside your house!

Don’t forget to ensure that you’ll still have a few inches of space between your furniture and the walls. Checking the dimensions before you do anything else will save you a huge headache later. 

Now is also the time to read an online furniture store’s return policy.  

5. Order Color Samples

When you’re shopping at online furniture stores — and especially if you’re planning on making a larger purchase — you need to be certain that you know exactly the colors you’re getting. 

Something that looks dark green online could turn out to be more of a navy tone when it’s actually delivered. 

In order to test if everything goes with the decor you already have in place (or fits your personal style) order a few fabric swatches online first. 

This way, you’ll know exactly what color you’re really getting. 

6. If Possible, Visit a Showroom

Finally, our final tip for understanding how to buy furniture online is to see if you can visit an in-person showroom before you make any commitments. 

It can sometimes be tough to determine the true quality and even the finish of the furniture when you’re shopping online. Of course, we understand that few things can beat the convenience of online shopping. 

Luckily, most stores today know this, too. 

Some furniture stores have showrooms you can visit in-person, especially popular large chain stores. Find what you like, and then order it online. 

Ensure a Smart Buy with These Tips for Buying Furniture Online

If you follow these tips for buying furniture online, we know you’ll end up making a smart purchase — while saving money in the process. 

Plus, few things can beat having the furniture you need delivered right to your door. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to higher movers if you’re having several pieces or heavier furniture delivered.

You may also want to hire someone to help you assemble anything that comes in pieces.

Looking for more tips and tricks for all things online shopping? Need a bit more decor inspiration? 

We’re here to help — so bookmark our blog to keep up with the latest trends. 

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