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5 Most Popular Types of Boots for Men 

5 Most Popular Types of Boots for Men

Did you know that the average man owns seven pairs of sneakers?

Sure, sneakers are comfortable, but they won’t take you everywhere you want to go in life. What’s the perfect shoe for any dressy or casual event? Boots. 

Are you on the hunt for footwear that stands out from the crowd? Looking to complete your boot collection? 

Check out these five popular types of boots for men.

5 Popular Types of Boots for Men

Boots add an adventurous yet sophisticated edge to any man’s outfit. When choosing a great pair of boots, you’ll want to consider comfort, flexibility, and style, of course. There are dozens of boot styles to choose from, but these are some of the most popular types of men’s boots. 

1. Chelsea Boots

If you’re new to the boot game, Chelsea boots are some of the best men’s boots to start with. These ankle-length boots are incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to style with jeans or slacks. Choose suede Chelsea boots for a more laid-back vibe, or keep it classy with clean dark leather. 

2. Brogue Boots

Brogues are one of the oldest shoe styles still popular today. Brogue boots offer a modern twist to effortlessly cool vintage footwear. These high-ankle lace-up boots are amazing for the fall and winter months and feature stunning hole-punch and stitching details. 

3. Desert Boots

Desert boots, also known as Chukka boots, have a fascinating wartime history. Along with Chelsea boots, desert boots are a great first investment piece because they are easy to style. For an excellent pair of desert boots, check out

These shoes were originally designed to withstand the formidable climates of Burma and Egypt. Today, their simple tie-up design and laid-back, comfortable appearance make them perfect for day and night adventures in the city. 

4. Combat Boots

The brogue boot’s more rebellious, punk-rock cousin, combat boots, also feature tall, fitted ankles and crossed laces. In the 1960s, Doc Martens first pioneered the look among citizens, taking inspiration from military and industrial footwear. Adding combat boots gives any outfit a rugged vigilante edge. 

5. Cowboy Boots

Quality cowboy boots will mold to fit your feet perfectly and last for years, if not decades. They add an instant, in-charge attitude to a boring t-shirt and jeans combo. If you’re into the surging Western fashion trend, invest in a pair of cowboy boots! 

Step On It!

Boots have been an essential in every man’s wardrobe for centuries. If you’re looking for a shoe that pulls your whole outfit together, boots are the way to go. With so many types of boots for men, you’re sure to find a pair that lets you stand above the crowd.

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