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How to Choose the Perfect Vape Flavor 

How to Choose the Perfect Vape Flavor
How to Choose the Perfect Vape Flavor

From your favorite and tasty fruit and desserts, there’s an explosion of vape flavoring on the marketplace. Here’s how do you choose the right one for you.

Did you know there are over 10.8 million adults who use e-cigarettes in the U.S? A big percentage of these adults are below 35.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, especially among teens, which has brought about the rise of different flavors to suit different taste palates. With so many vape flavoring, you are often spoilt for choice. Worry no more for this guide is here to help you choose the perfect flavor.

Type of Vape Flavoring

Vape flavors are categorized into six main groups:

1. Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids

A big percentage of vapers are ex-smokers, which is why tobacco flavored juices are so popular. Tobacco flavored vape juices help satisfy their cravings without inhaling all the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco. Most e-liquid manufacturers will have several tobacco flavors in their line.

2. Single Flavored E-juices

Most CBD vape juices contain only one flavor. It could be pineapple, coffee, tobacco, cake, fruits, etc. In fact, these types of flavors are the most common in the market.

Moreover, you will have the freedom to choose your preferred nicotine strength and the VG/PG blend. Although most of these flavors are extracted from fruits, you can find other quirky flavors.

3. High VG E-Juices

Vapor concentrates in this category are considered to be the most ideal for sub-ohm vaping. Making high VG E-juices is quite sophisticated and that’s why most companies produce substandard vape flavor concentrates.

In fact, most people complain about dry hits and a weird burnt taste when vaping at a high voltage. Make sure you choose a flavor that can withstand high temperatures if you prefer sub-ohm vaping.

4. Candy Flavored E-juices

As the name suggests, these e-juices are characterized by a sweet candy taste. You will have the option of choosing your favorite candy or chocolate flavor.

In some cases, these flavors come in some amazing combinations. These flavors are great because they have the right amount of calories.

5. Dessert Flavored E-juices

The Dessert Flavored E-juice is a great option for people who love desserts. There is a vast array of flavors available in this category.

You just have to look for an e-juice finder to look for one that has your favorite dessert flavor. The most common ones are cinnamon buns, apple pie, sherbet, cakes, and slushies.

6. Multiple Flavored E-juices

If you prefer having countless flavors in your vapor, you should consider trying a multiple flavored E-juice. This type allows you to use your creativity to achieve a sweet and unique vapor. You just have to choose the flavors you want and the vendor will do the mixing for you.

Vape Flavoring Is the Way to Go

Before you buy any vape flavoring, it is advisable that taste it first. If you don’t like the flavor try the next until you find the perfect flavor. Fortunately, vape juices are available in many flavors, if you have thought of it they probably have it.
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