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Keep Your Furry Friend Looking Perfect: 5 Pet Grooming Tips You Don’t Want to Forget 

Keep Your Furry Friend Looking Perfect: 5 Pet Grooming Tips You Don’t Want to Forget
5 Pet Grooming Tips You Don't Want to Forget

If you’re taking on the challenge of grooming your furry friend, you may need some help. We out together five pet grooming tips you don’t want to forget.

Any pet lover wants their furry friend to look and feel good at all times but it isn’t always convenient to take them to the groomer. 

You might feel like taking on the challenge yourself and grooming your pet at home. 

It isn’t always easy to keep your furry friend looking perfect from head to toe but read our 5 pet grooming tips to help the process. 

1. Regular Brushes

Even between grooming your pets you will want to regularly brush their coat. 

Keeping up with brushing your pet’s coat regularly will help to get rid of dirt. This also helps to spread out the good oils through your pet’s hair and prevent tangles. You should also check for fleas when brushing your pet. 

2. Bathing Your Pet

Some pets love getting a bath while others run and hide under the bed. You should be giving your pet a bath every three months and sometimes more frequently depending on if your pet is outside a lot. 

Make sure to choose a shampoo specifically for pets. They have many different pet shampoos that are specifically formulated for your pet’s needs. Talk to your veterinarian to make sure the shampoo is right for your pet. 

Avoid your pet’s ears and eyes when washing them. The best way to wash their head would be using a wet washcloth to get rid of dirt and debris around their face. 

3. Teach Your Pet to Love Grooming

Probably the most difficult aspect of grooming your own pet is when they don’t necessarily enjoy being groomed.

Make sure to take the grooming process slow and you can even offer your pet’s rewards for doing good during the grooming.

Grooming can be a very scary thing for them with the clippers, brushes, etc.

Let your pet first get used to these tools so they know it won’t hurt them. Brushing can be a very different sensation so let them sniff and interact with the brush first. You can also make the clipping sound by your pet so they get used to the noise and won’t be scared by it.

If you want more information on how to teach your pet to love grooming then read this article by Groomit.

4. Trim Your Pets Nails

One of the easiest yet difficult things to do when grooming your pet is trimming their nails. In theory, it sounds easy but there are many things you need to watch out for. If your pet’s nails are overgrown it’s hard for them to walk. 

Your pet’s nails should be trimmed when the nails are just about to touch the ground when they walk. 

One major tip is to clip their nails at a slight angle. There is a little circle in each of your pet’s nails called the quick. You do not want to cut into this because it will cause your pet to bleed. 

5. Always Remember to Brush Their Teeth

Dental hygiene is very important in the grooming process. Pets can get the same dental issues that we do. You want them to get used to this sensation very early on so it’s easier to continue to take care of their teeth.

You should lift the pet’s lip to massage their gums and clean their teeth. You can use your finger or a soft toothbrush when massaging their gums. Make sure you brush their gum line as well as their teeth. 

Don’t Forget these Pet Grooming Tips

Hopefully, now you feel more confident about grooming your pet. You always want them to look and feel their best so definitely put these pet grooming tips into place.

Make sure to bookmark our blog so you can read all the pet advice we have and make your furry friend extra happy!

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