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8 Newborn Baby Tips That’ll Keep Your Bundle of Joy Happy And Safe 

8 Newborn Baby Tips That’ll Keep Your Bundle of Joy Happy And Safe
8 Newborn Baby Tips That'll Keep Your Bundle of Joy Happy And Safe

Do you have a newborn baby? If so, you could benefit from these simple tips that are aimed at keeping you and your little one happy.

The world’s population is growing daily and shows no signs of slowing down. Every second, 4 new babies are born.

Sooner or later, statistics say that you’ll contribute to that number.

If you’ve already given birth to your first child (or will soon), congratulations! Having a baby is a special experience that will fill you with a whole set of emotions that you never thought you’d possess.

Among those emotions will be distress and most of that distress will likely come from you not knowing exactly what to do with your child.

To help you get the most out of the early days of being a new parent, below, we share a handful of helpful newborn baby tips.

1. Wash Your Hands

Babies that have just ventured out into the world are highly susceptible to a number of problems that don’t affect people like you. Many of those problems are brought about by germ exposure.

To help your child not have to work too hard to fight potentially deadly germs, do your best to wash your hands before handling your baby. A good 30-second wash with soap and hot water can do wonders.

Also, as is discussed on Return Of The Stork, washing your hands will keep harmful detergents and other household products from irritating your baby’s skin.

2. Be Head and Neck Conscious

Your newborn baby is still developing proper bone and muscle strength. During this critical period, he/she is susceptible to serious injury.

To reduce your chances of harming your child in a grave way, always support their head and neck when you’re handling them. Furthermore, you should do what you can when you wrap them for bed to ensure that their neck is well-supported.

Proper head and neck support will not only keep your baby safe from harm but will also promote proper musculoskeletal development.

3. Always Be Gentle

Some parents play rough and others lose their temper fast. If either of those two things are true for you, stay cognizant of how fragile your newborn baby is and never get rough with them.

We’ve read a number of cases where frustrated or overly-playful parents shook their baby too much which led to permanent damage and even death.

It’s okay to play with your child. Just do so in such a way where playtime doesn’t lead to a trip to the hospital.

4. Let Your Baby Cry it Out

It’s a common misconception that a newborn baby shouldn’t cry. They should and they will.

As a parent, it’s up to you to determine when your newborn actually needs your assistance and when they should be left to their own devices.

If you run to your child’s rescue every time they make a noise, they’ll get into the habit of crying for attention chronically which could lead to a number of poor behavioral habits later on down the line.

5. Don’t Wake Your Baby to Feed Them

Your baby should gradually be able to sleep through the night after you’ve allowed them to eat before bed. If you’re noticing that they’re sleeping more than usual and aren’t fussing for an early morning snack, let them sleep.

Disrupting your baby’s sleep pattern and forcing them to eat not only ads stress to your routine but also hampers your child’s ability to get the must-needed rest that they’re after.

6. Avoid Losing Sight of Your Marriage

While a lot of people have kids to solidify their relationship, in many cases, kids end up ruining relationships. Much of this destruction is caused by parents focusing so much on children that they neglect to focus on one another.

The absolute best thing that you can do for your child’s long term health outcome is to do your best to preserve a healthy, two-parent household dynamic. So, if not for you and your partner, stay proactive in stoking your relationship for your child.

7. Take Things That You Read With a Grain of Salt

When you’re a new parent, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without somebody offering you advice. Most of the advice that you’re going to get will be bogus.

Never lose sight of the fact that you and your partner are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the upbringing of your kid. Not your mom, not your sibling and not your neighbor – you.

Parent in a way that’s right for you and while you shouldn’t ignore well-meaning advice, don’t adhere to it as if it’s the only way to do things.

8. Stay Calm

Not every day is going to be a perfect day when you’re bringing up your child. Sometimes you’ll miss a feeding. Another day your child might cry more than you’re used to.

Every time something out of the ordinary happens you shouldn’t lose your mind.

That’s not to say that you should never worry. For example, if your baby has a high fever, you’ll want to consult a physician.

Minor things though like a little throw-up or some diarrhea should be monitored for a little bit before you sound the alarms.

Wrapping Up Our Newborn Baby Tips

Many newborn baby tips are not one-size-fits-all. Consequently, as we mentioned previously in this article, take what you’ve read with a grain of salt.

Straight-forward tips like being gentle with your child though are basics that you can rely on to predictably improve your odds of raising a healthy and well-adjusted child, added Kidsco who is known for guides on the best kids advent calendars.

Can’t get enough parenting advice? No problem!

We have a lot more where that came on iStoryTime so keep browsing more of our helpful content today!

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