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Foreplay is Important, For Real. Here Are 7 Foreplay Tips to Help Improve You and Your Partner’s Sex Lives 

Foreplay is Important, For Real. Here Are 7 Foreplay Tips to Help Improve You and Your Partner’s Sex Lives

If there’s one thing better than sex, it’s foreplay. Click here to learn about 7 foreplay tips to make your bedroom much hotter.

It’s no secret that sex is an important part of any relationship. Not only does it feel amazing, but it can also help you feel connected and more intimate with your partner.

Unfortunately, not all sex ends up being amazing. And it only takes 4.5 poor sexual encounters, on average, before people call it quits. But what exactly constitutes as bad sex?

While there are a variety of reasons sex may be less-than-stellar, 36% of men and 57% of women claimed that a lack of foreplay was a contributing factor. Luckily, there are plenty of foreplay tips that will help you up your game.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover our top 7 tips that will take your foreplay to the next level.

1. Mix Things Up with a Strip Tease

Not all foreplay involves touching. Teasing helps to build up anticipation and can be the best foreplay of all.

Start off by doing a sexy strip tease for your partner. And this doesn’t have to be an overly dramatic show, either. Just undress slowly, and give your partner a sexy look as you undo each button on your top or as you pull your skirt up to remove your stockings.

And this tip isn’t just limited to women. Men can also give a sexy strip tease by slowly taking their shirt off and running their fingers through their hair to give your lady enough time to admire your sexy body.

2. Watch Some Porn

Not only can watching porn be arousing, but it can also give you and your partner ideas for new positions and fantasies to try. Look at some nude pics or turn on some porn and mimic what you see.

This will keep the foreplay interesting since neither of you will know what will happen next. Plus, it’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try some new moves.

3. Whisper into Their Ear

Everyone likes being complimented. And doing this right before sex can be both sexy and sweet.

Get really close to your partner and softly whisper compliments into their ear. Kissing or gently biting on their ear as well as kissing their neck can all add to the experience.

Of course, this doesn’t have to all be sweet. Depending on the mood and what you two enjoy in bed, you can also engage in dirty talk this way. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner just how you’re going to please them, and gently bite their ear or neck.

4. Kisses Aren’t Just for Lips

Don’t underestimate just how arousing kissing can be. Infact, it’s recognised as so much of a turn-on that you can even find specialist Deep French kissing escort girls online if you are single and missing that physical contact with someone. In the bedroom, moving from your causal kisses to something more passionate is a great way to start foreplay.

But you shouldn’t reserve kisses just for their lips. Consider kissing your partner on their ear, neck, chest, and inner thighs. Even gently kissing their fingertips while maintaining eye contact can get them turned on.

Right before you give oral, then move to their neck and kiss all the way down their chest. Take your time and let the anticipation build up once they figure out what you’re going to do next.

5. Know Where to Rub

Most men know that the clitoris is the perfect place to focus your attention during foreplay. But you don’t want to go overboard here.

The clitoris can become overstimulated and even start to hurt if you rub it directly. Instead, try rubbing clitoral hood to give all the pleasure without any pain.

Giving massages is also a great form of foreplay. Start by rubbing their back, then move down to the butt and thighs before kissing their neck or turning them over to make out. 

6. Start Outside of the Bedroom

The best part about foreplay is that it can last as long as you want and take place wherever you want. You can start making out or taking your clothes off in the kitchen or living room. You can then carry your partner (with her facing towards you) into the bedroom while passionately kissing.

If you want to build up anticipation, consider sexting while you’re apart. By the time you get home from work, you’ll both be ready to jump into bed. You can also send dirty texts or whisper sexy things to each other when out on a date night.

For something truly daring, you can engage in some light foreplay when you’re out at a restaurant. Just sit next to each other, and let your hands travel around under the table. Ladies can even excuse themselves to go to the restroom and discreetly slip their panties into their partner’s hands when they return back to the table.

7. Play with Temperature

Although it may not seem like much, playing with temperature can take your foreplay to the next level. Both cold and heat can increase your sensations and turn you on even more.

The easiest way to play with heat is to breathe on your partner’s neck or ear while kissing them or whispering compliments in their ear. You can also incorporate wax or warming lube to turn the heat up.

To incorporate cold, consider sucking on an ice cube before giving oral or licking your partners erogenous areas. You can even mix heat and cold together to send a shiver down your spine (in a good way).

The Best Foreplay Tips to Try Today

Don’t settle for bland or unfulfilling sex any longer! By using a few of these foreplay tips, you can completely transform your sex life overnight.

Has someone caught your eye recently? Well, don’t let men do all the work! Just follow these tips to ask a guy out and lock in your next date.

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