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Newport Beach Bike Riding Guide 

Newport Beach Bike Riding Guide

For many, there’s no better way to experience the beauty of Newport Beach than by tooling around on a bike. This coastal town offers plenty of ways to explore the surroundings without becoming ensnarled in the infamous Pacific Coast Highway traffic. Here are just a few of the Newport treasures you can enjoy via your two-wheeled transport.

Savor a Seaside Cycle to Balboa

Few things feel more iconic than riding a bike along the surf and sand in Southern California. One of the sweetest rides is the Newport Balboa Bike Trail; at just under 3 miles from start to finish, this path may be short on length but it’s big on beautiful sights. From the north, begin your ride at 36th Street and Seashore Drive, where you’ll enjoy spectacular ocean views the moment you hit the trail. You’ll pass both the historic Newport and Balboa piers on your journey, and there are plenty of stop-off points with shops and restaurants to explore.

This is an ideal ride when you’re in the mood for a leisurely pace. Since the trail is accessible to walkers and runners as well as cyclists, you’ll want to be prepared to slow down a bit. Just hang loose and enjoy the views while you wind through the foot traffic.

Head Out on a Family Ride at the Back Bay

Known as one of the most popular kid friendly bike trails Orange County, the Back Bay Loop Trail in Newport is a must-do for families looking to explore nature right in the heart of the city. With nearly 1,000 acres of preserved coastal wetlands, the Back Bay is home to a plethora of creatures, including dozens of species of waterfowl. While many are permanent residents, if you time your visit right you may see migrating birds like great blue herons and ospreys. The trail is relatively flat and there are many stop-offs as you traverse the loop, so both kids and adults usually find it easy to ride the entire 10-mile length.

Gear Up for a Bikepack Excursion to Crystal Cove

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, consider bikepacking to one of Newport Beach’s camping areas. Review a beginners guide to bikepacking so you know how to prepare, then head off to a hidden gem like Crystal Cove State Park. This coastal park offers three rustic campsites for pitching your tent. Because the sites are all inaccessible to cars and trucks, you’ll need a sturdy trail bike to reach them; be prepared to hike a bit as well. Going on a bikepacking adventure to Crystal Cove is a great way to scratch your itch for roughing it without having to go travel too far from home.

Whether you fancy a peddle along the sand, a family tour through nature or a bikepacking adventure at a remote campsite, Newport has plenty of two-wheeled action to offer. Search online for the best electric bikes Newport Beach, and kit yourself and your family up with the perfect bicycles for your next So Cal ride.

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