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Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Home Ready to Sell 

Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Home Ready to Sell
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People in the United States spend roughly 70 hours each year working on their lawns. 

Planting flowers, cutting the grass, and raking leaves can become time-consuming, but the work is worth it. 

If you are selling your home and want to make sure the yard looks its best, there are a couple of things to do. 

Continue reading to discover some of the most important fall lawn care tips for when you are selling your home! 

Rake Your Leaves

One of the best fall lawn care tips to follow is to rake your leaves after windy days.

Leaves covering your lawn can take away from the beauty of your home and prevent them from buying the house. Not only does your home look cleaner with the leaves raked, but it also makes the yard look larger. 

Real estate agents will also want you to have the leaves raked for when they take pictures and have house showings. Don’t be afraid to check out this amazing real estate team, on the company page, to get help preparing.

Keep Cutting the Grass

Although you don’t need to cut your grass as frequently as you did all summer, you will still have to maintain the proper length.

Many people recommend cutting your grass so that it has a height of about 3 inches. Letting the grass grow too long can result in mold producing, so be sure that you don’t wait. Cutting the grass too short, however, can kill the grass.

Depending on where you live and what type of grass you have, you will have to adjust your cutting schedule. 

Put Away Toys and Decor

With the colder months approaching, you won’t be spending as much time outside.

If you want people to notice your home in the fall, start clearing away toys and decor. Not only will this make the moving process easier, with getting packing started, but it also makes the yard look larger. 

Simple decor can help in areas that are empty but tried to avoid overcrowding. 

Clear the Gutters

If you want to sell your home in the fall without any issues, you will want to clean out your gutters.

Clogged gutters can lead to flooding and damage that will be hard to overlook for potential buyers. Another reason to get the gutters cleared in the fall is that the inspector will be checking them. Once freezing temperatures come, it will become difficult to remove leaves. 

Spread Seed and Tend to Plants 

Now that the temperatures are dropping, your plants probably aren’t blooming like they were in the spring.

Fall is the perfect time to cut down your plants to make them look nice. Trimming bushes and plants also helps maintain them throughout the winter so that they can come back in the spring. Overgrown landscaping can make your yard look messy and turn potential buyers away. 

Follow These Fall Lawn Care Tips 

By utilizing this guide, you can discover the best fall lawn care tips that will help make your home look great. 

Keeping the grass cut and leaves raked can make your home look clean and more likely to catch the attention of potential buyers. During the fall you should clean out your gutters, which will likely be checked when you sell the home.

Although there isn’t as much to do in the fall, there are still ways to prepare your yard for the next season. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about keeping your home in it’s best shape and maintaining the lawn! 

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