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Does Vape Ban Add To The Black Market Profits? 

Does Vape Ban Add To The Black Market Profits?

The recent vape ban in New York has made people wary of its possible consequences such as an increase in black market profits. New York has followed in the footsteps of Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts by banning vapes. President Trump did not offer any insights into whether the decision is a step in the right direction or not. In the past, the President has backed off from a proposal regarding a vape ban as it did not serve his political interests.

Health groups have been all-praise of the vape ban. Activists are urging for all flavours to be banned including menthol and mint arguing that the youth tends to gravitate towards these flavours if they are still available. Many supporters of the vaping community argued that the legal age to purchase electronic cigarettes should be increased from 18 to 21. The present federal law has banned the sale of electronic cigarettes to youngsters who are under the age of 18. But, many states have pushed the age limit to 21.   

Bans Do Not Work

Most industry representatives believe that the ban of vape flavours would not work and the President is sympathetic to the argument. It is clear that the ban will most likely lead to the creation of a black market for flavoured electronic cigarettes. If you do not give something that people want, they take it illegally.  

Effect on Small Businesses

The ban will immediately put all small businesses selling flavoured juices like kryptonite by cosmic fog out of business. It would lead to thousands of Americans getting unemployed since businesses would only be allowed to sell tobacco or menthol-flavoured electronic cigarettes. Thus, people would need to look for new jobs. As the jobs disappear from the US economy, it would have a huge effect.  

Alternative to the Ban

Most people are of the view that the age limit should simply be increased to 21 to help restrict the sale of vapes and marketing. JUUL Labs is one of the biggest electronic cigarette makers in the country. It had stopped selling dessert and fruit flavours last year. The company opted for online sales and only sells menthol and tobacco flavours at present. 

Why The Ban Has Been Approved?

The vape ban had been approved through a video conference due to the current pandemic. The local government believes that kids are getting addicted to nicotine and that there is no better way to prevent their addiction than by outright banning the sale of vapes. 

Creation of a Black Market

It is obvious that small businesses would not be wiped out by the move. Their products will continue to be sold in the black market for higher prices. Since people are addicted to electronic cigarettes, they would not mind paying more. Thus, the black market will continue to offer the products. It is difficult for the government to eliminate the sale of vapes completely.


Whenever something that is highly demanded is banned, a black market is created. It is the same for just about every economy and the US is no stranger to this. Thus, the vape ban will only add to the profits made by the black market. 

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