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8 Smart Tips for Staging Your Home to Attract Buyers 

8 Smart Tips for Staging Your Home to Attract Buyers
8 Smart Tips for Staging Your Home to Attract Buyers

Looking to sell your home quickly? We put together our top ten smart tips for staging a home to attract buyers.

Last year, over 5.3 million existing homes were sold in the US.

That’s a lot of happy new home-owners!

Clearly, there are masses of people around the country looking to buy themselves a house.

However, it would be wrong to assume that selling one to them is straight-forward. As most home-owners will tell you, attracting the right buyers can often be difficult.

That’s why the proper staging of your home is so important. Simply, decorating and setting up your house to look its best can make a major difference. People see the property in all its glory when they come to take a look.

But how do you do it? What can you do to ensure your home impresses all would-be buyers? We wanted to help.

Keep reading for 8 great tips for staging a home.

1. Focus On Key Areas

You’ve only got so much time and money.

Likewise, not all rooms have equal importance to selling a house.

It makes sense to focus on key areas. I.e. the rooms in your house that will make the biggest impression. These are the deal-breaking areas that will convince buyers the house is right for them.

Think living room, kitchen, and master bedrooms. If you’re short on time, then hone in one these areas. Focus your staging on these places.

2. Make It a Neutral Space

Now, you might be disinclined to spend excessively on this process.

But remember, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. That rule applies when staging key areas of your house. Don’t, and there’s a danger you’ll be left begging someone to please just ‘buy my house!’

A fresh lick of paint won’t set you back too much. But it can make all the difference to the appearance and overall feel of the space. Keep the colors neutral. Not only is it a safer bet (you might like certain colors, but others may hate them!), but it’s like offering viewers a blank canvas.

They’ll be better able to picture how they might decorate and organize the rooms.

3. Make It Light

Set the tone for your property by letting in as much light as possible.

Natural light is a major boon when selling a home. Open the curtains or shutters to let it shine through. Maximize the effect by having your lights turned on for viewings. The lighter the better. It creates a brighter atmosphere- avoid gloom at all costs. You want all potential buyers to come away feeling positive.

But light also creates an impression of space. Darkness is oppressive; brightness is not.

4. Keep It Impersonal

Think about showrooms.

Any retailer selling furniture or homeware often creates room displays to showcase their products ‘in action’. Bring them to mind.

They’re always incredibly stylish. But they’re also impersonal spaces. There are no idiosyncratic, personalized features such as family photos, fridge magnets, and any other personal touches.

Take the same tack when staging your home. Get rid of personal touches. Aim for the impersonal: a blank canvas for others to picture themselves in. You want them to imagine their own life in that space, not yours!

5. Transform Lesser-Used Spaces

Okay, so, focus on the key areas in your home.


But, think about any unused places too. You know, those little side rooms being put to no use. The cubby-holes filled with junk. The basement that smells a little stale, and has nothing but boxes in.

These spaces can sometimes make or break a sale.

You don’t have to do much. Sometimes just tidying up will enable someone to see the potential in it. Throwing some cushions down with a mood light can create a ‘meditation room’. Moving the boxes over, and chucking in some dumbbells makes the basement your ‘gym’. And so on.

Think about how you can add more value to your property with minor conversions to unused spaces.

6. Open It Up

We can’t emphasize the importance of space enough.

You need to create as much of it as possible. Especially in the main areas of the house.

Declutter as much as possible. Remove any unnecessary items. Re-arrange the furniture to generate more floor-space.

All you need is the basics. Get rid of anything else: less is more. Decluttering will help create the blank canvas you’re looking for. It will also free up the space that will help sell your home.

7. Clean and Tidy

No-one wants to look around a dirty, untidy home.

Make an extra effort to have your property looking as immaculate as possible. Get those unwashed dishes cleaned and stacked away. Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors. Wipe down the surfaces. Wash the sofa covers, make the beds, and put away the clothing…

Go all out! Do everything and anything to make your house look in perfect condition. That may include doing some running repairs too. Now’s the time to fix all those minor issues you’ve been putting off.

Get a nice scented candle of air-freshener too. Just make sure it isn’t overpowering. It should be just enough to provide a fresh, clean-smelling background smell.

8. Remember First-Impressions

First impressions count.

You’ve got a matter of seconds to make yours.

Pay special attention to the entranceway to your home. This is the first things viewers see. That means it’s vital. It’s hard to overstate the importance of how someone feels in the first moments of someone’s viewing. That feeling will carry with them through the house.

Every other room may be spick and span. But if someone is put off in the first seconds, then they can be put off the entire property.

Tidy away all your shoes. Find another space for your coats and jackets. Do what you can to make the entrance way as welcoming as possible. And be sure to greet all viewers with a smile!

Time to Start Staging a Home

There you have it: 8 great tips for staging a home to attract buyers.

Millions of homes are sold every year. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. Anyone hoping to sell their property must work hard to make it as appealing as possible.

Home staging is how you do it.

Hopefully, this post has given you all the information required to do it right! Good luck!

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