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How to Declutter: 7 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Space 

How to Declutter: 7 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Space
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You’re on your way to a meeting but can’t find your keys in all the clutter. That stress releases excess cortisol through your body. 

Too much cortisol raises your blood pressure and causes insomnia. It also alters your mood. Spend too much time fighting clutter and it makes you more likely to lose your patience.

Turn your home into a peaceful oasis where stress is a distant nightmare. Take a little time to learn some tricks on how to declutter your house.

Make the decluttering process fun. Pick your favorite music as a work soundtrack. Then use these 7 easy tips to get started on the decluttering journey.

1. Sort Out the Clothes You Never Wear

Twice a year, slowly sort your clothes based on how often you wear them.

In the closet, place items you wear most often on the far right. Items you wear occasionally, hang in the middle. Leave items you never wear on the left-hand side of the closet.

2. Open Cupboards Make Organizing Easier

The pantry is the perfect place to ditch cabinet doors that always get in the way.

Invest in cute food storage containers and stash everything in them. Then organize the pantry in a way that makes sense for your family.

An open, organized pantry makes last minute mid-week dinners so much easier.

3. Clear Storage Containers

The downside to long-term storage solutions is the cardboard attracts unwanted guests. The most common pests are mice, roaches, and silverfish.

Trade the cardboard boxes for clear storage containers. Pests aren’t drawn to them. Plus, you can see what’s stored inside without opening the lids.

4. Use Whatever Wallspace is Available

Bulky pots and pans take up valuable cabinet space in your kitchen. 

Grab a sturdy hanging rack and store your pots and pans on the wall. Not only do you have extra storage space, but your cooking prep time will speed up.

5. Extra Storage Space

Every little bit of storage space helps declutter your life. Spaces like under your bed are great for storing seasonal clothes and bedding.

Plastic storage bins designed to fit under the bed don’t always fit. Measure the gap under your bed before buying storage bins.

6. Check the Cabinets

It’s easy to forget to clean old items out from under the sink. Make a note on your calendar to clear them out twice a year.

Throw away anything that’s expired or hasn’t been used in over a year. Don’t forget to do the same with your medicine cabinets.

7. Work in Easy to Manage Sections

Large cluttered rooms are intimidating. Take some stress off your shoulders by breaking up the workload.

Start at one end of the room and declutter one table, then sort through a junk drawer. Make small steps toward your organizing goal. Even if you work ten minutes a day, it’s still progress.

Now You Know How to Declutter Your Home

There shouldn’t be anything holding you back from decluttering your home. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, look back on this guide on how to declutter your house.

Remember, decluttering is about making a peaceful space to relax in at the end of the day. If you resent the process to make that peace, it defeats the purpose.

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