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10 Lesser Known Things to See and Do in Paris 

10 Lesser Known Things to See and Do in Paris

Paris, France

Paris is the beautiful capital city of France. It is a city full of music, cuisine, art and history. It is very well known for its famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but Paris has also lots of other attractions, which are just as interesting and fun as the main tourist hotspots. There are lots of vacation rentals in Paris and it might be a good idea to get one that is somewhere in between all the hotspots whilst still being close to the lesser known attractions. These are the 10 lesser known places that you should also visit whilst in Paris.

Le Marché de Belleville

If you are interested in cuisine, then the Le Marché de Belleville is a market located in the Belleville neighborhood. It is one of the most popular and ethnically diverse markets in Paris. As Belleville is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Paris, then the prices are also some of the lowest, which is great if you are trying to save money. The mixture of all the different cuisines from all the different countries will give you a cultural experience that you won’t forget.

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

If you have an interest for old myths and legends about supernatural beings, then the Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures is something for you. It houses the collection of Jacques Sirgent who has spent a lifetime collecting these artifacts. This is definitely an interesting side of Paris, which many tourists will not experience.

Palais de Tokyo

If you are visiting Paris for its numerous art museums, then you really shouldn’t overlook the Palais de Tokyo. It is one of the largest contemporary and modern art sites in Europe. The Palais de Tokyo refers to itself as the “anti-museum” as it isn’t a museum in the traditional sense, but it challenges its visitors to participate in the exhibition and to think about the artworks rather than just look.

Paris point zero

Every city in the world usually has a “zero point” which marks the exact centre of the city and the point from which distances are measured. In Paris, it is located just outside the Notre Dame Cathedral. It allows you to see two of Paris’s attractions at once: the Notre Dame and the zero point. The zero point is difficult to spot but once you find it, there is a variety of traditions or customs that people like to do here. For example, kissing a loved one whilst standing on the plate is believed to ensure eternal love and devotion.

I Love You Wall

Paris is well known as the city of love and there is an I Love You wall in Paris’s Jehan-Rictus Square. This wall was created by the two artists Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito. The wall is covered in 612 lava tiles and feature the words “I Love You” in 311 languages.

The Eiffel Towers Secret Apartment

Millions of people visit the Eiffel Tower every year but what they do not know is that the Eiffel Tower has a small secret apartment hidden at the very top. Gustave Eiffel, who designed and built the Eiffel Tower, built himself a tiny apartment at the top which caused a lot of envy and jealousy between Parisian high society at the time. Today, it is possible to peer into the apartment where much of the furnishing has remained the same.

Dans le Noir?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat your dinner in the dark? Or more precisely, to go to a restaurant, where all the guests eat in the dark? The “Dans le Noir?” is an “in the dark” restaurant of Paris. The main idea of it is to provide its customers with an eating experience, where they don’t “judge the food” by its appearance. Whether you end up enjoying the food or not, it will be a memorable experience.

Catacombes de Paris

It is not very known that Paris has its own catacombs. If you are looking for a frightful and thrilling experience, then the catacombs of Paris are perfect for you. It is believed that under the city, roughly 200 miles of tunnels exist but unfortunately only a small section of it is open to the public. In the 18th century, the cemeteries of Paris were becoming overpopulated and it was decided that people should be buried in the tunnels. Therefore, 6 to 7 million Parisians are buried there.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, which is in New York, was given to the Americans by the French in 1886 and the Americans gave the French a smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty in 1889. If you didn’t know this historical fact, then you will be very surprised to find the Statue of Liberty in Paris. It is located on a small artificial island on the River Seine and it is worth visiting.

Arénes de Lutéce

Paris is a very old city. A lot older than one might think. The Arénes de Lutéce is what is left of a Roman times amphitheatre. This amphitheatre was built in the first century and it could seat up to 17,000 people. When the Roman empire fell, the amphitheatre was left to crumble and during the Middle ages, it was completely forgotten. Nowadays, we can only see its remains and you will probably be the only tourist there.

Paris is a very diverse city. The hundreds of years of history and culture have shaped it into the city we know nowadays. If you are visiting Paris, don’t forget to also visit the lesser known places as it will provide you with a different side of Paris which you will not experience in the main tourist hotspots.

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