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How to Plan a Date Night Your Partner Will Never Forget: A Quick Checklist 

How to Plan a Date Night Your Partner Will Never Forget: A Quick Checklist
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Couples who make time to date each other are more likely to report higher levels of happiness, lower divorce rates, and higher rates of sexual satisfaction. If you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, planning a date can be sweat-inducing.

In this article, you’ll discover how to plan a date night your partner will love.

Take Notes on Their Interests

The most meaningful dates are the most thoughtful ones. When you take someone’s personal interests into consideration the impact of your actions is amplified.¬†Keep a running log of your partner’s interests. You can use a physical notepad or a digital note-taking app on your phone.

Everything counts, from viral dance videos to passing interests in electronics to sports teams. When you write these things down, you create a database of ideas to pull from for gifts and special date nights. If you like surprises, avoid letting your partner see this list. Though it can enhance spontaneity, some might feel otherwise.

Ask for a Date and Build Anticipation

The next step is to ask your partner for a date. If you are married or live together, this can keep a level of flirtatiousness in your relationship. Try sending a love note or leaving a sticky note where they’ll see it.

After that, build anticipation by making it a mystery. Leave small clues around as to what they should wear or have them unknowingly choose elements of the date. Start a countdown timer, offer small gifts or love notes leading up to the day.

Make the Necessary Arrangements

Make arrangements for your children and the date prior to the day. If you’ve got children, you’ve probably also got a partner who always worries about them. In this case, securing childcare before asking for the date is a great way to enhance the anticipation. Dates should be relaxing and care-free, do that by making the arrangements for it ahead of time.

Write down your date plan so you can think through everything necessary to make it a success. Call the restaurant or hotel on the appropriate days to secure your place and avoid inconvenient surprises. 

Foreplay Starts Before the Bedroom

If you hope to end the day with some quality adult time, remember that foreplay starts before your heads ever hit the pillow. Stay connected throughout your date physically and mentally. Have a conversation that helps you check-in with your partner about what is new in your lives. Hold hands and kiss to strengthen your physical bound. Don’t be afraid to be a shameless flirt with the person you love. 

When you finally make it to the bedroom, check out Alpha Male Plus for tips on the top 5 positions to maximize pleasure for both of you.

Plan a Date Night to Reconnect

Dating is about connection. Long-term relationships are not sustainable without it. Dates help you have private time with the person you love so you stay connected through all your life changes.

Plan a date they won’t forget by tapping into what makes them tick. Ask them out and build anticipation through a mystery. Make sure all things are taken care of so that the date is as relaxing or as exciting as you hoped.

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