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7 Simple Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life 

7 Simple Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

We hear everyday people saying that they do not find joy in what they’re doing. So many people quit their jobs for the same reason. Makes you wonder, how is one to find joy in their everyday life? 

Adulating teaches you that living a fulfilling life takes effort. For instance, as a college student, you need to make sure you’re fast on your feet. However, we do understand that everyone has days when they’re under the weather. With the help of whether or not you’re under the weather, you can maintain excellent performance in school.

The hacks we’re sharing today will ensure that you find joy in your life, even on days when you feel low. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Wake up Early 

 Many don’t realize this, but waking up early helps you start the day on a positive day. Try your best to fight the urge to stay in bed after you wake up. If you have an alarm, jump out of bed the minute it goes off. 

Follow this up with a warm shower to wake your body up. If you’re up for it, you can go for a cold shower and then dress warmly until the sun comes out.

2. Make Time for You 

Most people jump out of bed and go straight into the day’s tasks. While this might seem like an effective time-management hack, it robs you of time to yourself. You might say that you’ll have time once you’re done with the day’s work. However, by then, you’ll be too tired to give yourself the attention you need. 

When you wake up, take at least 30 minutes to reflect and listen to your thoughts and your body. Use this time to feed your mind positivity so that you can make it through the day.

3. Make Plans 

Instead of jumping from one thing to the next without a particular order, you should always plan your days. There is a lot of fulfillment that comes with following your plans successfully. Even if you veer off the path you had mapped out, you get to learn new things about yourself. This sort of structure is what you need to keep your mind focused.

4. Reward Yourself 

You need to be kinder to yourself, and this means recognizing when you’ve made significant progress. Make a habit of rewarding yourself each time you outdo your expectations. Self-motivation allows you to scale to greater heights.

5. Take Breaks 

Do not live life like it’s a life and death situation. You should learn to rest before you get too exhausted. Actually, overworking is counterproductive because it will take you longer to recover. Recognize your limits and ensure you don’t exceed them.

6. Be a Team Player 

Whatever you do, make sure you learn how to interact with others positively. When you appreciate other people’s efforts, you reduce the burden you have to deal with.

7. Smile Always 

This is not to say you should mask your feelings. Smiling has a way of making you feel positive, even on your bad days.


Everyone wants joy in their lives. These hacks will ensure you stay positive and make the most of your day. Remember to be easy on yourself always. 

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