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6 Popular Hobbies People Love to Do 

6 Popular Hobbies People Love to Do

The average American now spends about six hours a week on hobbies and home projects. This is all thanks to COVID shutdowns that have forced people to look for new ways to entertain themselves while staying home.

If you find yourself with more free time on your hands, why not try one of these popular hobbies?

1. Writing

If you’re looking for inexpensive hobbies, consider taking up writing. All you need is a laptop or pen and paper. You can practice your writing anywhere you want, making it a great portable hobby.

Start by deciding what you want to write. It could be short poems or a full-length novel. Then sit down regularly and let the creativity flow. Go back later and refine your writing to improve your work.

2. Upcycling or Updating Furniture

This is one of the most popular hobbies right now. People are looking for ways to reduce waste by reusing old furniture. You can take part in this trend by updating your old furniture.

You could also cruise the local yard sales and pick up pieces. Bring them home and give them new life. You could give them a fresh coat of paint or new hardware.

What’s nice about this hobby is that you could turn it into a side business as you develop your skills. Sell your creations for more than you buy them, and you’ll have a nice little side gig.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

Buy a puzzle, spread the pieces out on your table, and get to work putting it together. This is one of those cheap hobbies that you can easily adapt to your skill level. Start with a simple puzzle that has fewer larger pieces.

Work your way up to large-scale puzzles that have hundreds or even thousands of small pieces. Lay down a puzzle mat first to keep the pieces organized.

4. Gardening

Gardening is one of those fun hobbies at home that you can still get outside for. You don’t have to have a huge garden; even a single raised container bed will do. Or perhaps you have a balcony garden that’s perfect for your apartment.

Start simple with gardening and choose hardy plants. For plants that flower, try pansies, begonias, snapdragons, daffodils, or impatiens. If you want to try your hand at vegetables, consider growing peas, kale, tomatoes, or radishes.

5. Crocheting or Knitting

To give either of these hobbies a go, all you need is some yarn and the right hook or needles. To crochet, you’ll use a hook to create a series of stitches by looping the yarn around the hook and itself. For knitting, you’ll use two knitting needles to loop the yarn and create the stitches.

6. Computer Coding and Gaming

If you prefer an indoor hobby, then try your hand at computer-related hobbies. This could be coding, gaming, or anything else you do on the computer. You can learn more about screen utility and remote SSH to sharpen your skills.

Try Your Hand at These Popular Hobbies

These popular hobbies will do more than just fill your days. You’ll find yourself developing new skills that you can then apply to other areas of your life. Your puzzle hobby could sharpen your critical thinking, or maybe your gardening gives you fresh vegetables for your cooking.

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